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Community Engaged Coursework

Community Engaged Coursework

CACP supports MassArt faculty in developing curriculum that engages students in addressing needs identified by community partners. Through mutually beneficial partnerships that highlight the expertise of community members, students use art and design as vehicles to develop creative and professional practices.

It was an interesting assignment in that it got me to really think about the community I am a part of and how I can help to improve it - Elizabeth Swanson '16 BFA Graphic Design

Course Examples

CACP staff facilitate connections to collaboratively conceptualize and develop projects via a series of conversations and planning sessions.  Projects can occur within innovative course curriculum, as co-curricular opportunities for students, or as independent projects undertaken by MassArt faculty members. 

Past courses include: 

  • Graphic Design: Farmers Markets Posters
  • Graphic Design: Family Van Project
  • Art Education: Creating Community