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Off-Campus Living

For the art student, Boston offers a stimulating environment in which to work and study. It is a leading center of educational and artistic resources. Finding a place to live in a major metropolitan area such as Boston can seem overwhelming, especially with the multitude of neighborhoods and wide differences in rental units. No matter where you look, the search for housing in Boston can be intense, with thousands of students, young professionals, and families seeking a limited number of rentals. Don't wait for people to call you, or hope they will call you back. Be aggressive, without being rude.

MassArt often receives information on apartment shares, sublets, and students needing roommates. We highly encourage students to post this information on ProArts Connect. To access the site you just need to register with your MassArt email address.

Below are some tips for navigating the process of searching for off-campus housing:.

  • Be prepared to make a number of calls and visits
  • Stay organized. Keep track of your information on a small notepad or index cards
  • Don't rule out "possibles" you aren't sure of before calling and visiting
  • Inexpensive and nearby listings are taken quickly. Concentrate on the most recent listings

If you reach an answering machine, don't hang up. Be sure to leave your name and a phone number you can be reached at. Feel free to check in with our office if you have any questions.