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Recruit on MassArt’s Handshake Portal

To connect you and your organization to MassArt talent, we’ve developed a centralized database of employment opportunities through Career Development‘s employment portal, Handshake. Create a company profile on Handshake, and you can post your job on the portal. To ensure that your listing is easy for MassArt students and alumni to find, be sure you add Massachusetts College of Art and Design to the list of schools you want your job posting shared with. Once the posting is approved by MassArt’s Career Development team, it will be shared with our student and alumni networks. 

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Join our Annual Internship and Job Fair

Each year, we invite employers to join us at our virtual job fair, which is also hosted on the Handshake platform. This event is a great opportunity to engage with current MassArt seniors in order to find applicants that fit the needs of your team and organization. Participate in group information sessions and one-on-one discussions to answer questions, offer application advice, and forge connections with potential hires. Please contact Maryellen Schroeder at for more details about participating.

Find Freelance Artists and Designers

Interested in hiring a MassArt student as a freelance artist or designer? Start by reviewing their work on on Once you’ve identified an artist whose portfolio aligns with your needs, you can connect with them directly via information included on their Behance page, or contact MassArt Career Development Director, Maryellen Schroeder at for assistance.

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