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Students in a Liberal Arts course at MassArt

Every MassArt degree program includes at least eight general education courses offered in Humanities and Integrative Sciences and Biological Arts, designed to provide context, insight, and fresh perspectives for students pursuing the arts.

The Humanities Department advances interdisciplinary teaching and learning necessary for equipping MassArt students with the knowledge, tools, skills, and habits to participate in and shape culture through their creative practice. The department is home to a range of disciplines within an integrated Humanities curriculum: Literature, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Music History/Musicology, History, Civic Literacy, and Political Philosophy, among others.

Featured Faculty

Our faculty teach foundational skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, and research, as well as historical methods that emphasize transcultural and global perspectives. Our curriculum supports MassArt’s mission to “prepare artists, designers, and educators from diverse backgrounds to shape communities, economies, and cultures for the common good” by weaving the Humanities into the College’s fabric.

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Creative Counterpoints

Creative Counterpoints is an annual series hosted by the Liberal Arts Department at MassArt devoted to the intersections of narratives of creativity and difference as investigated by visual artists, writers, public intellectuals, and other culture makers. The program was founded in 2016 by Marika Preziuso, Professor of World Literature, thanks to a MassArt Foundation Fellowship Grant.

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