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Academic Advising


Academic Advising offers information and advising to complement faculty advising, and assists with the navigation of academic policies and campus resources. 

Change of Major

The college permits one change of major during a student's academic career. Students accepted as advanced transfers (sophomore or junior) must complete one semester in the major to which they were accepted before they can change majors. Students wishing to change majors must first contact the Registrar's Office for the necessary forms and obtain signatures from the department chair of the new intended major  and an Academic Advisor from the ARC. The student must file the form before pre-registration for the semester in which the change will take effect. A change of major may require additional semesters of work to complete; students are encouraged to make an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the ARC to discuss how a change of major affects progress toward their degree. 

Dual Major

Students who choose a dual major complete the requirements of both majors. Typically, this requires an extra year of study. Whether it is possible to combine majors depends on the particular majors chosen.  Students may need to speak with the chairs of both departments to understand if and how the requirements of both majors will fit together.

Cross Registration

MassArt participates in four cross registration programs, which allow full time MassArt students to take courses at participating schools. This is a good option if you find you are having difficulty filling your schedule or if you would like to investigate other areas of the arts or academic disciplines not included in the MassArt curriculum. Learn more