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Industrial Design


Industrial Design students have access to our Auxiliary Fabrication Studio, Model Shop, and a studio space within a collaborative work environment.

The Industrial Design studios, located on the tenth floor of the Tower building, are well-equipped with resources that mimic a professional workspace, giving our students a hands-on learning experience. Here are some of the primary resources you will use:

  • Dedicated Studio Space: Each student gets their own studio space, a place to work independently that also encourages collaboration and teamwork.
  • Classroom-Studio Integration: Many classes are taught right in the studio, providing a real-world work environment experience.
  • Computer Lab: Our computer lab is equipped with industry-standard computers and the latest design software. These computers are connected to Cintiq computer drawing screens, allowing students to work digitally, a critical skill in modern design.
  • 3D Printers: We have six 3D printers for rapid prototyping, allowing students to bring their digital designs to life and experiment with different ideas.
  • Model Shop: This is where students can build physical prototypes of their designs, learning to work with various materials.
  • Soft Goods Development Area: This space is dedicated to projects involving fabrics and soft materials, providing students with a wide range of design possibilities.
  • All-School Workshop and Fabrication Labs: These facilities offer advanced manufacturing technologies like laser printing, water jet printing, CNC milling, and plasma cutting. Students can experiment with different materials and techniques, which is essential for their growth as versatile designers.

With these resources, you will be well-prepared for success in the professional world, with practical skills and hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and technologies used in the industry.

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Industrial Design

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Industrial Design


Judith Anderson

Professor, Industrial Design

Gregory Cook

Adjunct Professor, Industrial Design

Frank Criscione

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design

Lars Fischer

Professor, Design Innovation

Neil Madramootoo

Adjunct Professor, Industrial Design

Yolanda McLean

Administrative Assistant, Design Departments

James Read

Chair, Design Innovation

Heather Reavey

Associate Professor, Industrial Design

Alice Stanne

Administrative Assistant, Design Departments

Laura Woolpert

Visiting Lecturer, Industrial Design

Industrial Design

BFA Program

Create impactful products and experiences that combine eye-catching design, performance, safety, and efficiency.

Industrial Design at MassArt is dedicated to nurturing holistic, human-centered designers. Our BFA program equips students to create impactful solutions for products, services, and environments across diverse industries and non-profit sectors. You will develop essential skills such as concept sketching, rendering, and prototyping and gain experience with computer-aided design (CAD) and the importance of Manufacturing and material processes, ergonomics, and human factors in design.

Through collaborations with industry professionals and alumni, you’ll receive invaluable critique and guidance, preparing you for the transition into the field. Our partnerships with leading organizations in and around Boston allow you to apply your skills in real-world settings, expand your professional network, and deepen your understanding of the industrial design profession.

A cornerstone of our program is the Senior Thesis project, a two-semester capstone that empowers you to delve deeply into your design interests and produce innovative, self-directed work that reflects your individual creative vision and professional aspirations.

MassArt’s industrial design program graduates are making significant impacts across a wide spectrum of industries, working with internationally recognized brands such as Nike, Google, Bose, Shark Ninja, Reebok, and Apple. Our curriculum emphasizes visual and verbal communication, ensuring you can effectively explain the value of your designs to business partners, communities, and individuals.

Industrial Design is a multifaceted discipline that combines art, science, and technology to improve the human experience through well-designed products. At MassArt, we prepare the next generation of designers to face the challenges of our rapidly changing world, remaining at the forefront of innovation through thoughtful, human-centered design solutions.

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