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Teaching with Technology

MassArt IT/Library Service for Faculty


What We Do

The Teaching with Technology Collaborative (TTC) is a one-stop resource for MassArt faculty. We help professors, whether full- or part-time, choose and gain confidence in using technologies for teaching. There is considerable evidence that shows that student engagement increases when technology is used to bolster face-to-face instruction. When properly used, technology can promote openness, creativity, collaboration, and sharing. However, faced with myriad pressures and hectic schedules, and not always knowing whom to ask for help, some faculty can understandably find it hard to incorporate technology into their teaching.

That's where the TTC comes in.

The TTC meets upon request with faculty members who are interested in exploring instructional technologies for their courses. They may wish to do so in order to increase student engagement, to help manage their course workload, and to broaden their skill set. After learning about their particular needs, we recommend various tools to faculty members such as Moodle and WordPress and we provide training.