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Travel In and Out of the U.S. for F-1 Students


TRAVEL Within the U.S.

The IEC strongly recommends all F-1 international students carry the following documents when traveling outside of the Boston area within the United States:

  1. Valid passport (with at least 6 months future validity)
  2. Printed copy of your current electronic I-94 (click on "Get Most Recent I-94")
  3. Most recently issued original I-20 document
  4. Proof of current student enrollment
  5. F-1 students on post-completion OPT should carry the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card.

TRAVEL Outside the U.S.

information on international travel during the covid-19 pandemic

Please check the travel section of the International Student FAQ carefully, and refer to the websites for the most up-to-date information on federal and state guidelines for travel during the pandemic, as well as for MassArt’s return to campus requirements..

documents to carry with you when you enter the us

Remember, each time you leave the US, Customs and Border Patrol will determine your eligibility to re-enter when you return. Be prepared and have the following documents with you each time you re-enter:

  1. Valid passport (with at least 6 months future validity)
  2. Valid F-1 Visa
  3. Printed hard copy of most recent I-20 document with a valid travel signature
  4. All previously issued I-20 documents (in case they ask to see them)
  5. SEVIS fee receipt (showing your paid SEVIS fee)
  6. Proof of financial support (varies by student but may include personal or family bank statements, copies of your scholarship letter, or a copy of your Declaration of Finance form)
  7. Proof of current student enrollment (Enrollment Verification can be obtained from the Registrar's Office)
  8. F-1 students on post-completion OPT should carry the following:
    - Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card
    - Proof of employment (such a contract or letter from their current or prospective employer.)
    - Most recent I-20 with a travel signature that is not more than 6 months old