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Student Leadership Awards

Each spring, the Office of Student Engagement recognizes students who have made a difference on campus. There are nine awards given out each year; submissions come from MassArt students, faculty and staff. The Student Leadership Awards Ceremony is always a highlight of the spring semester!

Nominate a student or student group for a 2022 Student Leadership Award by 5pm April 1, 2022.  Award descriptions and nomination forms are below.

Award Nominations

Emerging Leader Award
Recognizes a new student leader who has most noticeably demonstrated initiative, motivation and potential for continued leadership at MassArt.

Nominate an Emerging Leader

Leader of The Year Award
Recognizes the outstanding leadership abilities and contributions of a student leader who is well respected by their peers, faculty and staff. This student has impressive organizational and time management skills and understands and supports the mission and goals of MassArt.

Nominate a Leader of the Year

Unsung Hero Award
Recognizes the student leader who goes far beyond their leadership responsibilities by creating an atmosphere where all are welcome and accepted. This student works for positive change while developing relationships, empowering others and creating community at MassArt.

Nominate an Unsung Hero

SGA Organization of The Year Award
Awarded to the SGA student group or departmental group who has clearly defined their group’s mission to the MassArt community and values the ideals of leadership, collaboration and outreach to fellow student groups/departments. The SGA Organization of the Year is a group that dedicates themselves to serving the campus community.

Nominate an SGA Organization

Equity and Inclusion Award
Recognizes a student who has actively advocated to bring awareness to issues of equity, diversity and inclusion on-campus and beyond and who has created initiatives that have helped to educate the community.

Nominate a Student for an ei award

Continuous Service Award
Given to a student who has supported and served the college for many years in one or more capacities. This student is dedicated to their variety of leadership roles while maintaining a healthy balance in their development as an artist.

Nominate a Student for Continuous Service

Service Awards
The Service Awards, established in 1997, encourage student service to the MassArt community. The Service Awards are are voted on by the student body.

Qualifications: The award is based on merit, without consideration of financial need. The award is given to current undergraduate students in good academic and disciplinary standing. Nominations must include a statement citing how the candidate went above and beyond the call of duty in the area of community development within the College. A student may receive the award only once during their tenure at MassArt. The term “service” does not encompass working for personal advancement or gain.

Service Award recipients should: Have high visibility in or outside the Student Government Association, coordinate and/or participate in various community activities/events, motivate and involve others and display strong leadership skills.

Nominate a student for a Student Service Award