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Library Computer Lab

Computer Lab

The Godine Library has two computer labs for community use. The 12th floor lab is open during all library hours, the 13th floor lab is reserved for library instruction, but is free for use when classes are not being taught.

The Library is equipped with:

  • Mac Desktops
  • PC Desktops
  • Scanners
  • Color Printing
  • Black and White printing
  • Assistive technology stations

All computers are loaded with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Microsoft Office Suite, as well as other creativity and productivity applications. All computers are loaded with Read & Write Gold.


Assistive Technology

The library has two assistive technology stations for students who need text-to-speech or speech-to-text support. The assistive technology stations come equipped with Read & Write Gold and Dragon Naturally Speaking software. They also have scanners to work in conjunction with the software.

Please see our Assistive Technology Guide for further information.

Students requiring assistive technology as an accommodation to complete class assignments should contact Academic Resource Center at 617-879-7280. Students requiring training and support with equipment should make an appointment with Chrissy Hartman by e-mail or phone: or 617-879-7106.

Please direct computer lab questions to Computer Lab Manager, Chrissy Hartman or 617-879-7106.