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Reporting Your Concerns

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At MassArt, we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment for all. When there are issues that affect the wellbeing of our community members, we want to help. From issues involving discrimination, care and concern referrals, academic concerns, sexual misconduct, student discipline, employee concerns, to matters for Public Safety, we have many offices that can assist and offer support. If you are unsure which of the following forms to use when reporting an issue or incident, please don’t worry! A team member who will be notified of the submitted report will immediately contact the appropriate administrator.

Please be aware that these forms should not be used during an emergency. If this is an emergency, please call 911 or contact MassArt Public Safety at 617.879.7800.

Equal Opportunity/Title IX

For information necessary to initiate an investigation of alleged discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender-harassment, sexual assault or other sexual violence, stalking or retaliation pursuant to the Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan (“EO Plan”).

Report an Issue

Community Standards & Student Conduct

For information suspected violations of the Student Code of Conduct and other behavioral concerns which likely are in violation of the community standards.

Report a Violation

Academic Concerns

Students experiencing academic difficulties can be referred to the Academic Resource Center (ARC.) This includes students who can benefit from writing or time management assistance, students who indicate they need a classroom accommodation due to disability, students who need to explore major choice or need assistance with course selection.

Report a Concern

Assessment & Care Team (Behavioral Concerns)

Faculty, Staff, and Students can voluntarily report students who are experiencing crisis, displaying unusual or concerning behaviors, or engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful to themselves and/or others.

Report a Concern


If you become aware of a student who is thinking about leaving MassArt for any reason, please complete the following form and a member of the Enrollment Management or Student Development teams will follow up to support the student in this decision-making process.

Inform us of an Exit 

Supporting our 100% Remote Students

If you are taking all of your courses remotely/online this semester and are having difficulty connecting with a MassArt office or team member, we want to make sure to get you assistance or resolve your concern. Please complete the brief form below and a team member will route your request to the appropriate MassArt office for follow up. As part of the College's participation in NC-SARA online programming offered to 49 U.S. states, we are also required to inform you that should your concern or issue not be resolved or concluded as part of this communication with MassArt, you can follow up with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

Complaint Form For MassArt Remote Students

MA DHE Complaint Process

MassArt Community

For issues not involving Equal Opportunity/Title IX, employees are encouraged to contact the Human Resources office directly.

Office of the Dean of Students

If you are not sure which form to use to report an issue, please send an email to and it will be routed to the appropriate office for follow up.

Please note that the filing of a report does not constitute the filing of an official police report. To file an official police report, please contact Public Safety at 617.879.7810 or in person at the Public Safety office located on the second floor of the Tower building (T-201).

Additional Contacts

Public Safety
617.879.7810 (or) 617.879.7800
Counseling and Wellness Center
Student Development
Jamie Glanton Costello
Human Resources
Office of Justice, Equity
& Transformation (JET)
Academic Resource Center
Elizabeth Smith-Freedman
Title IX
Student Health Services