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COVID-19 Update

As of March 23 all classes will be taught remotely through the remainder of the semester.

While faculty and staff continue to work remotely, only authorized personnel may access campus facilities. Read the full update.

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Reporting Options & Resources

Non-Confidential Reports

To make a Non-confidential Report of an incident of sexual misconduct, the following options are available: Please note that a non-confidential report will go to the Title IX Coordinator. 

  • Complaint Form - You may submit a report electronically via the online Complaint Form. If you prefer, you may fax or send a hard copy of the form directly to the Title IX office, or to a member of the Title IX Team
  • Call/Email the Title IX Office - The Title IX Office may be reached at 617.879.7751 or
  • Call Human Resources - The Human Resources Department may be reached at 617.879.7920
  • Notify a Responsible Employee - Certain employees of the College have been designated as "Responsible Employees" and are deemed to be mandatory reporters for incidences of sexual misconduct. Responsible Employees will report to the Title IX Coordinator any incidences of sexual misconduct of which they become aware
  • Contact Public Safety - MassArt Public Safety is available 24/7 at 617.879.7800 or
  • Call 911  - If you are off-campus, or need immediate assistance, please dial 911 to be connected with local law enforcement

Confidential Reports

If you are not ready to speak with a member of the Title IX Team, please know that there are confidential resources you may turn to. To make a Confidential Report of an incident of sexual misconduct, the following options are available.  Please note that a CONFIDENTIAL REPORT will NOT be shared with the Title IX Coordinator, unless and until you are ready. 

  • Speak with the Counseling and Wellness Center - Representatives of MassArt's Counseling and Wellness Center, located in Kennedy 222, may be reached at 617.879.7760 or
  • Contact the Employee Assistance Program - The EAP is a benefit offered to faculty and staff of MassArt. The EAP offers confidential assistance and may be reached at 800.451.1834
  • Contact a Medical Professional or Member of the Clergy - Licensed healthcare professionals, acting in their licensed capacities, and pastoral counselors can offer confidential assistance

External Complaints

In addition to the College's procedures, if you believe you have been subjected to unlawful discrimination, discriminatory harassment, or retaliation, you may contact or file a complaint with the appropriate governmental agencies listed below:

  • Office of Civil Rights - The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights enforces Title IX. OCR's Boston office may be reached at 617-289-0111 or

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - The U.S. EEOC administers and enforces civil rights laws against workplace discrimination. The Boston office may be reached at 800.669.4000

  • Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.  MCAD is the Commonwealth’s chief civil rights agency charged with the authority to investigate, prosecute, adjudicate and resolve cases of discrimination. Please call 617.994.6000 for assistance

If you have any questions about your reporting options, please do not hesitate to contact the Title IX Office at 617.879.7751 or