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Public Disclosure

Tony Flackett Beat Research Class

Access to information: amendments to the U.S. Higher Education Act require institutions participating in federally funded financial aid programs to make information publicly accessible.


  • For inquiries about the institution, notice of availability of publications, please contact the Marketing and Communications Department at or 617.879.7067
  • To request a copy of the College's most recent audited financial statement, please call 617.879.7845
  • Institutional mission and values
  • Names and positions of administrative officers, principal affiliations of members of the governing board: College Leadership
  • Size and characteristics of the student body: About MassArt

Photography and Videography appearing on by: Liam Annis '17 BFA Photography, Richard Barnes, Dillon Buss '12 BFA Film/Video, Jane Cho '17 BFA Graphic Design, Kelly Davidson, Amy Fink '18 BFA Photography, Damian Hickey, Will Howcroft, In the Car, Glenn Kulbako, Jorg Meyer, Natasha Moustache, Emma Odell '21 BFA Photography, Nate Ouellete '14 BFA Photography, Melissa Ostrow, Peter Vanderwarker, Vagrants, Joel Veak, and Helene Zuckerbrod '97 BFA Sculpture.

Admissions & Financial Aid


  • Our catalog of courses, offerings, degree requirements, and academic policies and procedures may be found in our Academic Catalog
  • Expected educational outcomes: contact Academic Affairs
  • Other information regarding attending or withdrawing from the institution: Contact the Registrar's Office
  • Information about all Academic Programs
  • Other available educational opportunities: Professional & Continuing Education
  • List of current faculty, indicating department or program affiliation, distinguishing between full- and part-time, showing degrees held and institutions granting them: Faculty
  • Programs, course services, and personnel not available in any given academic year: All programs and course services are made available each year, please contact Academic Affairs for a list of faculty on sabbatical
  • Availability of academic and other support services: 
  • Institutional learning and physical resources from which a student can reasonably be expected to benefit:
  • Institutional goals for students' education: contact Academic Affairs
  • Success of students in achieving institutional goals including rates of retention and graduation and other measure of student success appropriate to institutional mission. Passage rates for licensure exams, as appropriate: 
  • Accreditation Information: Institutional Effectiveness

Student Development

  • The obligations and responsibilities of students and the institution is housed in the Student Handbook
  • Rules and regulations for student conduct: Student Handbook
  • Range of co-curricular and non-academic opportunities available to students: Get Involved