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Public Disclosure

Access to information: amendments to the U.S. Higher Education Act require institutions participating in federally funded financial aid programs to make information publicly accessible.


  • For inquiries about the institution, notice of availability of publications, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at or 617.879.7067
  • To request a copy of the College's most recent audited financial statement, please call 617.879.7845
  • Institutional mission and objectives: 
  • Names and positions of administrative officers, principal affiliations of members of the governing board: College Leadership
  • Size and characteristics of the student body: Quick Facts

Admissions & Financial Aid


  • Our catalog of courses, offerings, degree requirements, and academic policies and procedures may be found in our Academic Catalog
  • Expected educational outcomes: contact Academic Affairs
  • Other information regarding attending or withdrawing from the institution: Contact the Registrar's Office
  • Information about all Academic Programs
  • Other available educational opportunities: Professional & Continuing Education
  • List of current faculty, indicating department or program affiliation, distinguishing between full- and part-time, showing degrees held and institutions granting them: Faculty
  • Programs, course services, and personnel not available in any given academic year: All programs and course services are made available each year, please contact Academic Affairs for a list of faculty on sabbatical
  • Availability of academic and other support services: 
  • Institutional learning and physical resources from which a student can reasonably be expected to benefit:
  • Institutional goals for students' education: contact Academic Affairs
  • Success of students in achieving institutional goals including rates of retention and graduation and other measure of student success appropriate to institutional mission. Passage rates for licensure exams, as appropriate: 
  • Accreditation Information: Quick Facts

Student Development

  • The obligations and responsibilities of students and the institution is housed in the Student Handbook
  • Rules and regulations for student conduct: Student Handbook
  • Range of co-curricular and non-academic opportunities available to students: Get Involved