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Proxy Access Instruction Guide for Parents/Guardians

Proxy access provides an opportunity for students to grant online access to their information using Self Service. This is called granting "proxy access" and the other person is referred to as the proxy. The most common scenario is granting a parent or spouse access to a student’s information. Access is granted by the student, who must provide a valid email address as well as other information for the designated proxy.

Please contact the MassArt Helpdesk with any questions at

You will receive an email indicating that your username has been created.

You should also receive a second email that contains a temporary password, and a link to Self Service, where you can reset your password and login. If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder. Or, you can retrieve your username and reset your password.
Enter your username and click the hyperlink "Forgot your password?" You will then be asked to enter your email address.
You will receive an email with a "Reset your password" link. selfserviceactmgmt.png
Your password must be at least 6 alphanumeric characters and contain at least 1 uppercase character. No special characters are required (%,$,#,@,^ are reserved characters and should not be used).


After you have successfully set up your account, log into Self Service with your username and password.


Click on the student name in the Person Proxy window. Anyone that has given you proxy access to their information will be listed. personproxy.png

Your view in Self Service will differ depending on what areas you have been given proxy access to.

  • To view/pay the tuition bill, click on Student Finance, go to Account Summary, and click on Make a Payment.
  • To view financial aid information, click on Financial Aid.
  • To view Grades, click on Grades, and then click on the appropriate semester. Not currently available.

To view a different person’s information, click on Change User at the top of the screen.changeuser.png

If you selected your own name in the Person Proxy window, you’ll need to click on your username at top of the screen, and select Change Proxy User in order to access information for a student.


How do parents or guardians gain access to Proxy Access?
Users gain access by being granted permission by the student. Once the necessary steps are completed by the student, a designated proxy will receive two email messages. One will indicate that the account has been created, and will provide the username. The other will provide a link to a website where you can create your password.

What should be done if a proxy forgets their username and/or password?
You can retrieve your username and password.

I am having trouble setting up my account. Is there someone that can walk me through the process?
Yes, please call the MassArt helpdesk at (617) 879-7888 for assistance.

Why would only one child’s name appear as a selection for a proxy with more than one child attending MassArt?
Each student that has identified you as a proxy will be listed when you log into Self Service. When the student is selected, those areas that the student has authorized you to see will be shown. To be in compliance with FERPA, the student has complete control over what information can be viewed by each user. If the student’s name does not appear, that student has not granted access to the account information. The parent should contact the student with questions regarding access.

When a proxy is given access to multiple students, can the access granted be different for each student?
Yes. Each student who grants proxy access has complete control over the access for their account.

Can MassArt staff make updates to what a proxy can view for a student?
No. College staff cannot change the permission settings for proxies. Only the student granting the proxy access can change the permissions that are granted.

A proxy used to be able to see the information, but now cannot. What happened?
The student is in control of the information that a proxy can view. If the proxy can no longer see information, the proxy should contact the student.

A proxy received an email stating that proxy access has been updated or removed. What happened?
The student has modified or removed the access to their account. Only the student can change a proxy’s access. No one at MassArt can do so.

I am a proxy for my student. How do I log into Self Service?
Visit Self-Service. Use the username that was sent to you via email and the password that you selected.

Can I contact MassArt if I have a question about Proxy?
Yes, if you have a question regarding the proxy access process, you can email questions to