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Joan Albert photographed her sons growing up over two decades

Joan Albert photographed her sons at home; black and white photograph of her eldest seen watching tv on his bed.

"The pair first met at Massachusetts College of Art in 1979: Sage was 25 and had just graduated, while Joan [Albert], a decade older, was getting her MFA. "We liked each other's work, and we liked each other," she says. "When the class ended, we got together to look at each other's work and give feedback, as we trusted each other's judgment. The friendship grew from looking at pictures together." Her work from that time would later form Americans Seen, while the pictures in Family Photographs focus on Joan's two sons, Martin and Nathan; another son, Jason, had died in an accident. Shot at home between the late 70s and early 90s, the pictures show the two boys growing up, from kids sat around in their pants to teenagers with girlfriends, and 20-year olds with Richard Avedon posters on the wall."

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