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Named Scholarship Funds

Student working in metalshop

Named Scholarship Funds were established by generous friends and family of members of the MassArt community to honor their loved ones and enable future generations of artists, designers, and educators to receive an exceptional arts education. Donors may continue to give to these funds, adding to the philanthropic spirit of these individuals.

If you are interested in creating an endowed scholarship, please contact Julia Crane Dempsey, Director of Annual Giving at

Please note that students may only apply directly for travel fellowships. Students who have applied for financial aid are automatically considered for other awards for which they are eligible.

Endowed Scholarships

Professor Harris Barron Scholarship Established by Harris and Ros Barron and friends, this scholarship is in the name of Emeritus Professor Harris Barron, who taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Design for 23 years, was the founder of the Studio for Interrelated Media Department (SIM) in 1970, and was the first chair of the ensuing Media Department. The Harris Barron Scholarship is awarded each year to a junior student, continuing through the senior year, in the Studio for Interrelated Media Department (SIM), selected by that department's faculty, based on exceptional and/or innovative artistic merit with consideration for financial need.

Thomas Butler Scholarship Established by Kathryn Hamill '93, in honor of her father, Thomas Butler. Awarded on the basis of need and merit in writing or 2D fine arts.

Lois and James Champy Scholarship Established by Lois and James Champy, longtime supporters of the college and former members of the Foundation Board and Board of Trustees. Awarded to one or more incoming first-year students for one year.

Ed Clark Scholarship Established by the Tom James Company in honor of former MassArt Trustee, Ed Clark. Awarded to an incoming student for one year, with preference to employees of the Tom James Company, Southwestern/Great American, Inc., the Asher Winer Company, or their children.

Damon-Levy Scholarship Established by Alan Damon '61, this fund is currently being used primarily to award housing scholarships to Massachusetts students for their first year at MassArt. This scholarship is based on financial need, with consideration given to academic records and portfolios.

Mark D. Dreese Scholarship Established by Bud Turner and contributed to by family and friends in memory of Mark D. Dreese. Awarded to students who are in good academic standing, exhibit outstanding talent, and are majors in industrial design or printmaking.

Patricia A. Doran Scholarship Established by Douglas Govan in memory of his wife, Patricia Doran, former Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education at MassArt. Awarded to a student pursuing an MFA or MSAE degree.

Russell Doucette Scholarship Established by Charles Gailis '61 in memory of Professor Doucette, along with gifts given by Professor Doucette's friends and family. Awarded to a talented student majoring in ceramics with demonstrated financial need.

Marjorie Collins Frary Scholarship. Established by alumna Mary Kittredge Miknot '39 in memory of her friend Marjorie Collins Frary '39, with additional gifts from Marjorie's family. Awarded to a student majoring in painting with financial need.

Mark Ferguson Scholarship  Established by alumna Eleanor Li '87 and many generous gifts from friends and family in memory of Mark Ferguson '88, a talented and well-liked MassArt alumni who worked in glass. Awarded to a talented and deserving glass major in good standing with demonstrated financial need, with a strong preference for a student working in cast glass.

William J. Hannon Scholarship Established in honor of Professor William J. Hannon, who served with distinction at Massachusetts College of Art and Design as an instructor, dean, vice president, and leader. His leadership and innovation inspired design students during the three decades he was employed at MassArt and his achievements left an indelible mark on the wider design community. Awarded to students demonstrating financial need and having a major in a design discipline.

The Brian Paul Hollingsworth Endowed Scholarship Fund was established by Pamela and David Phillips in memory of their son Brian Paul Hollingsworth '98, for a Photography student who demonstrates merit, financial need and who may be facing physical challenges.

Jerry Howard Scholarship. Established by the Howard family in memory of Jerry Howard '78, with additional gifts from friends. Awarded to an incoming student, with preference to veterans or their children or to those with an interest in photography. This scholarship is renewable.

Kirsten Malone Scholarship Established by William and Carole Malone and many friends in memory of Kirsten Malone '03. To be awarded to a female student.

Pace Scholarship Established by Arne Glimcher ‘60, one of MassArt's most successful alumni. Mr. Glimcher founded the Pace Gallery in New York City. This scholarship is awarded to a graduate student at MassArt.

Schechter Family Scholarship Fund Established by Trustee and Foundation Board member Susan Schechter. Awarded to a minority student from an urban area with demonstrated financial need.

Katherine H. Sloan Scholarship Established by an anonymous donor in honor of MassArt President Kay Sloan. Awarded to an incoming student who is a graduate of Boston Arts Academy, has displayed ability, and has financial need, renewable for a maximum of four years.

Travel Fellowships

Donis A. Dondis Travel Fellowship Established by Harold Dondis in memory of his wife, Donis Dondis '45. Awarded to a junior or senior of exceptional merit to defray the cost of attending school outside of the U.S., or for completing a well-defined project having artistic merit. Based solely upon merit of prior work, work submitted, and written proposal.

Morton R. Godine Travel Award Established by Dr. Morton Godine, former Vice President, Trustee, and Foundation Board member at MassArt. Awarded to a junior or senior of exceptional merit to help defray the cost of traveling for completion of a well-defined project.

Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Traveling Fellowship Established by Genevieve McMillan, a friend of the college, to honor the memory of artist Reba Stewart. Awarded to a MassArt alumnus/a who has received an undergraduate or graduate degree in printmaking no more than two years prior to the fellowship year.

Annual Scholarships

Ronald and Ronni Casty Scholarship Established by Ronald and Ronni Casty, to be awarded to a talented fashion major in good standing with demonstrated financial need. This scholarship is currently being awarded due to the Castys' generosity.

Highland Street Scholarship The Highland Street Foundation has made a grant to establish the Highland Street Scholarship Program. The program benefits fifteen Massachusetts students by awarding $5,000 to five MassArt juniors for each of three years. The awards are based on academic merit and financial need. Special thanks to Highland Street Foundation Trustee Holly McGrath Bruce and David Bruce for making these critically-needed scholarships possible.