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one day. lots of heart! • may 6, 2021

Join in now as alumni, parents, faculty, staff, friends, and neighbors come together to celebrate the MassArt community, and make a HUGE difference through participation in MassHEART Day.

When 200 donors make a gift of any amount as a part of the MassHEART Day campaign, they will unlock over $10,000 of bonus funds for MassArt from a group of community leaders!

Over the last year, we have learned one thing for sure: the heart of MassArt is the community. On MassHEART Day you can share the love with our students in these three ways:

♥ Send your love for MassArt by making a gift. Gifts to the area of greatest need are our priority, but any MassArt cause is a worthy one. 

♥ Share your love for MassArt by posting your own MassHEART Story on social media with the hashtag #MassHEART

♥ Spread your love for MassArt by sharing our campaign with your networks!