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Am I allowed to work while I am here as an F-1 student?
You are only allowed to work “on-campus”. You may only work up to 20 hours per week during while classes are in session.

What is “on-campus” work?
“On-campus” work means that whatever job you are doing is being paid by MassArt, through MassArt’s payroll office (Grad assistant and TA positions are considered “on-campus” work).

Am I allowed to work or volunteer off-campus?
Only if you have received authorization for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) approved by your International Student Advisor. You must have been in F-1 status for 1 academic year in order to be eligible to apply for CPT or OPT.

How long until I receive my I-20?
In general, you will receive your I-20 within 2 weeks of the date that you submit all required documents.

What else do I need to submit in order to receive my I-20?
See the checklist on this page.

What do I do with international immunization forms?
Please contact Counseling and Wellness.

I want to waive my health insurance and I am an incoming international student
Please contact the Student Billing Office.

I have questions about how and when to pay my bill
Please contact the Student Billing Office.

I have a valid F-1 Visa with an expiration date in 2020, but it was issued with Fordham University, my undergraduate school. In order to reenter the States, do I need to renew the F-1 Visa with MassArt on it?
No, but only if you've complete the Transfer-In forms and process.

When do I need to pay my deposit and get all my documents in for the I-20?
ASAP! As of April 2017, the Trump administration has ordered all American embassies and consulates to increase the scrutiny of all visa applicants. This heightened scrutiny is likely to increase the typical waiting times for visa processing. Accordingly, visa applicants should be aware of the risk for delays for visa processing abroad over the coming months. Therefore we strongly advise that you plan ahead and apply as early as possible for your visa in order to allow for extra processing time.

How do I apply for an F-1 visa?
You should wait to receive your I-20 document in hand and then you can make an appointment with the nearest US Consulate/Embassy. You also need to pay your SEVIS fee prior to the appointment. See more about Obtaining an F-1 visa.

I am an international student and want to apply for MassArt’s Low-Residency Program. Is this possible?

Yes, but you are only allowed to remain in the US during the required residency portions of the program and you will need to apply for a new I-20 and visa each time you plan to enter the US.