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Fall 2020

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The annual trip to Haystack allows students to leave the city and gain inspiration from quiet nature as well as gain experience on different art techniques and shows our students what an artist residency is like, so they are more prepared for life after Massart. Every year this trip benefits the Massart community by opening our students eyes to life outside of MassArt and Boston. It also acts as a community building trip, helping students expand their networks with other students and majors they otherwise might not be able to work with.


Our mission is to help students grow in their art and as a person and to strengthen the MassArt community by coming together. 


Meeting Schedule

Although we are not running the Haystack trip this year due to COVID, we will plan to have one or two info sessions where students can learn about what Haystack is and why they should consider attending in the future. Please contact one of the email addresses above to be added to the email list and be notified when these sessions are scheduled.