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Costume Club

Costume Club


We aim to create a costuming club that will allow students to pursue their passion for costume design and creation. We intend to host workshops, artist talks, gallery walks, and research days with discussion to help teach and learn from within our group, and from experienced costuming professionals, about how to grow and improve as artists.

Through individual experiences of past and present representatives, we have discovered that no single department is able to offer enough guidance or support from a costume designer's point of view. The members of this club would benefit and gain that guidance and support necessary for someone wanting to pursue interest in this field -through artist talks and workshops, conventions and gallery trips, and weekly one-on-one meetings, members can reap the benefits quite easily.


We strive to:

  • Share ideas about costuming and resourcing for entering the costuming industry
  • Teach each other technical skills through workshops, focusing on those skills not offered in MassArt classes
  • Give each other useful critiques of past and present costume work through a costuming lens

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