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Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy
Visiting Lecturer
Tower 519

When writing essays for peer-reviewed journals, Rich's interests include a global concern for the humanities. His collection of essays on modern and postmodern poetry and poetics, "Prophetic Voice Now," by Common Ground will be out early 2020. His critical essays have appeared in The International Journal of the Humanities; Journal of Ecocriticism; Reconfigurations: A Journal for Poetics Poetry / Literature and Culture; New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing; and others.

MFA - Creative Writing, Boston University
Professional Experience: 
  • 34 years of teaching writing and literature

Publications and Presentations


  • 2020 - "Practicioner Joy" a book-length collection of poems to be published by Wipf and Stock Publishers. 
  • 2018 - Asylum Seeker a book-length collection of poems, the third part of a trilogy, will be published by Press Americana, a publisher dedicated to education and believes in the power of American Studies scholarship and creative writing to enact positive social change
  • 2017 - Body Politic (Prolific Press)
  • 2013 - Americana (Press Americana, Americana Prize)
  • 2009 - Voyeur (Gival Press Poetry Prize)
  • 2007 - The Apple in the Monkey Tree (Codhill Press)


  • Paideia (Aldrich Press)
  • Family Secret (Finishing Line Press)
  • Hunting and Pecking (Ahadada Books)
  • Phoems for Mobile Vices (BlazeVox)
  • Rescue Lines (Right Hand Pointing)
  • Great Grandfather (Pudding House Publications)


  • 2020 - Paper proposal on Zizek's and Sloterdijk's Pedagogy, "Cave Liberations," has been accepted for the Fifteenth International Conference on The Arts in Society June 2020 National University of Ireland, Galway
  • 2019 - Virtual Poster for New Directions in the Humanities Conference, Granada, Spain
  • 2017 - "Reading vs Performing Poetry: Literature and Capitalism" at the New Directions in the Humanities Conference at Imperial College, London
  • 2016 - "Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking Cradle:’ Ginsberg’s Performativity," 4th Annual Meeting of the European Beat Studies Network, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2016 - "The Hopkins Path to Postmodern Poetry," at the Gerard Manley Hopkins Festival at Newbridge, Ireland

Awards and Honors

  • 2019 - "Practitioner Joy" semi-finalist in the 2019 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Open Competition
  • 2016 - "Minds of Europe: A Genealogy to the Fat Man," was a short-listed finalist in the Beverly Prize in the UK
  • 2016 - "Storage Shed" was a finalist in the Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Contest
  • 2013 - Americana, winner in the Prize Americana by The Institute for American Studies and Creative Writing
  • 2008 - Voyeur, Gival Press Poetry Award winner

Professional Affiliations and Organizations

  • Associate at the Institute for Writing and Thinking (IWT) at Bard College. The Institute is a fellowship of professors whose professional focus is pedagogy