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Industrial Design

Three female silhouettes in gold with a black void in their middles


September 25 to December 2

Selections features the remarkable work of MassArt professors who are newly hired or returning from sabbatical. A venue for faculty to showcase their work, often in experimental directions or media, this exhibition is a perennial favorite.



January 23

Rainfield is the first site-specific installation in the College's new Design and Media Center. Conceptualized by Visiting Professor, sculptor Daniel Clayman, this installation was created in partnership with his 18 students in the fall 2016 class Structured Light.

Volvo Vision

"Volvo Vision" provides reliable security and safety as a monitor designed to the standard of the Volvo brand. Key design elements include: soft edges blended with angles, metallic highlights and trim, nested touch points, snaking lights, high end material and finish, and high-tech features. The design was guided by minimalist aesthetics and the incorporation of Volvo's advance security brand promise. One major element of the redesign was the focus on a wifi capable monitor.


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