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Academy Art Museum Exhibition: The Caprichos: Goya and Lombardo Continues through February 25

The Academy Art Museum’s exhibition, The Caprichos: Goya and Lombardo, is on display through February 25, 2018. The Caprichos by Emily Lombardo '03 BFA Glass is a series of etchings which are in direct conversation and homage to Francisco Goya’s Los Caprichos, 1799. 

Pink-Peach Glass Dress

Mirrorized blown glass, silicone, anjali, accessories.
Dress Size 4.

A reflective, flexible glass dress interacts with people in New York, while absorbing into its mirrored surface the city that surrounds it. In a revival of the optical phenomenon of the obsolete Sheesh Mahal, interactions tested the invisible boundary set up by the viewer’s curiosity / temptation to feel the dress, and perceived inappropriateness of touching my body.


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