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The MassArt Dining Commons is located on the first floor of the Kennedy Building. The dining service also offers a full range of catering and seasonal specials and is managed by Chartwell's Dining Services.

Resident Student Meal Plan

Resident students who live on-campus will automatically be enrolled in a Chartwells declining balance meal plan. The declining balance system works just like a debit card. Each student will have a balance that will be spent down and deducted from their total each and every time they make a purchase.

You may use your card at the MassArt/MCPHS Dining Commons, the Tree House Spoon café, Beatty Café at Wentworth, the Leopard's Den at Wentworth, and the Colleges of the Fenway C-Store that is located in the MassArt Artists' Residence; just remember to always have your meal card with you when making a purchase. When you present your card to the cashier he or she will scan it and the system will automatically deduct the money from your balance.

If at anytime during either semester you need to add money to your card, please come to the dining service office (located in the kitchen of The Dining Commons in the Kennedy building) and we will be happy to accommodate you.

For information about medical accommodations, please see Student Accessibility Services.

Resident students are required to have a meal plan for the academic year as part of their housing agreement. Please see Cost of Housing for more information.

Commuter Student Meal Plan

Commuter students can purchase a meal plan for any amount at their own discretion. There is not a mandatory meal plan for the commuter student; however each student has the option of setting up their own plan.

To set up a plan, visit the Dining Service Office to discuss the frequency you intend on eating in the dining service facilities. Staff can then determine a practical figure to accommodate your eating habits. Another way to participate in this plan is to put money on your card as needed. You can do this throughout the school year at any denomination you choose.

Commuter students may also pick up a meal plan form in the Office of Student Development on the second floor of Kennedy.

Chartwells Dining Office

The Dining Commons
MassArt Kennedy Building
625 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

Contact: Kory Laznick • 617.879.7964