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Through the required Major Studio course, a variety of open electives, and dynamic extracurricular opportunities, they are challenged to shape their own self-directed program that draws from a variety of disciplines. These include sound, installation, performance, conceptual art, social practice, live event production(curatorial practice/audio/visual/
lighting), and work that exists at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

The interdisciplinary nature of the program fosters work that potentially crosses boundaries of media definition and embraces the creation of new forms.

SIM emphasizes the dynamic relationships among the arts, culture, and society and inspires students to think conceptually across disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

  • Exercise critical thinking through making and analyzing the work’s role in contemporary contexts
  • Acquire the ability to think conceptually across many disciplines
  • Acquire the ability to collaborate
  • Learn how to articulate artistic goals and concepts and translate them into actualized projects
  • Practice self-study in the skills or topics that the student requires to meet their project goals
  • Acquire the ability to respond creatively when the parameters in a given project change
  • Use descriptive critique techniques (learn how to ask and formulate questions that will help the artist move forward and how to verbalize one’s perceptions)
  • Practice speaking and presenting to the public whether or not public speaking is an avenue of expression
  • Acquire hands-on skills in audio/visual technology, curatorial practice, community building, and interdisciplinary practice
  • Students learn to connect their artistic practice to a wide range of artistic mediums, ideas and practice
  • Engage in the cross-pollination of ideas and views in a diverse community
  • Mentor and be mentored amongst students from different cohorts
  • Identify one’s strongest interests and seek out opportunities for pursuing them
  • Demonstrate a high level of self-motivation, educational agency, and self-imposed standards
  • Participate in self-governance
  • Engage in the process of deconstructing assumptions about educational systems and work towards making change
  • To use the experience of failure as an educative tool

Unique to MassArt

SIM students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience curating, designing, and producing by annually re-inventing the Eventworks experimental arts festival and managing SIM's Godine Family Gallery.

Watch the 2015 SIM Big Show

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