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Photography BFA

Through study of photography’s technical and aesthetic traditions, students become well-versed in film-based as well as digital production via exploration of contemporary directions through slide lectures and critiques.

In the sophomore year, students learn to use large format view cameras with black and white film. Students achieve technical excellence in silver printing and begin to develop a personal vision. During the junior year, digital capture and printing are introduced and students learn to "see" color. Lastly, in the senior year, focus shifts to extended projects and portfolio development. Each semester, electives offer opportunities to explore specific themes or skills such as Landscape, Bookmaking, Alternative Processes, Studio Lighting, Documentary and Portraiture.

A highly respected group of artists form the core faculty of the department, including Barbara Bosworth, Anna Collette, Matthew Connors, Laura McPhee, Abelardo Morell (emeritus), and Matthew Monteith. Their efforts are augmented by a remarkable group of visiting professors. We are proud of our diverse and well-recognized faculty and staff, many of whom have received prestigious fellowships and publish and exhibit worldwide.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Develop Visual & Aesthetic Skills
  • Composition
  • Black & White Printing Skills
  • Color Theory
  • Digital Media Skills
  • Large Format
  • Photo History 19th and 20th
  • Contemporary Trends in Photo
  • Professional Artistic Practice
  • Critical Analysis and Articulation
  • Develop Studio Practice

Courses  Requirements