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Film/Video MFA

The Graduate Major Studio in the Film/Video MFA Program focuses on critiques of student work and discussion of various theoretical and contemporary issues in the moving image. The curriculum includes visits with nationally and internationally known film/video artists and curators.

Program opportunities include cross-registration with MIT and UMass Boston, internships, and teaching assistantships. In addition to screenings and Visiting Artist lectures, the City of Boston offers exceptional cultural, creative and intellectual resources for students.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a professional studio practice, with personal content and vision
  • Advance technical knowledge and skill in film and/or video, and in other media as needed
  • Expand the media in which time-based work can be produced
  • Understand the work in relation to the anticipated audience
  • Understand one’s work in relation to contemporary art and art history
  • Develop the ability to critique peers’ work across disciplines
  • Develop awareness and understanding of the diverse cultural, historical, and experiential issues expressed and inherent in one’s own artwork and in that of one’s peers
  • Develop presentation skills including public speaking, proposal writing, exhibition guidelines and artist’s statement
  • Exhibit one’s work in a professional setting and in a professional manner. Students may also participate in other exhibitions and curatorial opportunities at the college or other venues
  • Understand how to engage in professional organizations and events for career development
  • Develop knowledge of major historical and cultural characteristics of specific times /places. Infer relationships between society and art
  • Recognize various types of texts used in art historical analysis, and evaluate their content and effectiveness. Use various ideas, approaches and facts in the analysis of art. Formulate, research and argue a hypothesis. Articulate verbally and in writing, theoretical and critical perspectives on art
  • Recognize the impact of historical works of art on contemporary art
  • Draw connections between various artworks, artists and concepts
  • Collaborate with artists in other disciplines

Unique to MassArt

Visiting Artists are welcomed to MassArt to accompany screenings of their contemporary films and videos, often followed by discussion. Past visiting filmmakers, video artists, curators, and critics have included:
Peggy Ahwesh, Ephraim Asili, Craig Baldwin, Rebecca Baron, Robert Beavers, Calmin Borel, Louise Bourque, Stan Brakhage, Bill Brand, Betzy Bromberg, Patty Chang, Abigail Childs, Tony Conrad, Steve Cossman, Lav Diaz, Mati Diop, Cecilia Dougherty, Atom Egoyan, Mary Filippo, Su Friedrich, Ernie Gehr, Joe Gibbons, Jackie Goss, Philippe Grandrieux, Andy Graydon, Ed Halter, Todd Haynes, Julia Heyward, Henriette Huldisch, Peter Hutton, Ernst Karel, Margorie Keller, Dan Kidner, Lewis Klahr, Alla Kovgan, Tony Labat, Mark Lapore, Jeannie Liotta, Jodie Mack, Guy Madden, Eileen Maxson, Kate McCabe, Bridget McCaffery, Julia Meltzer, Juan Daniel F. Molero, Youjin Moon, Shirin Mozzafari, Takeshi Murata, Gunvor Nelson, Tony Oursler, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Laura Parnes, Nicolas Pereda, Matías Piñeiro, Sidney Peterson, Maxim Pozdorovkin, Luther Price, Jean Rasenberger, Jennifer Reeves, Ben Rivers, João Pedro Rodrigues, Jonathan Schwartz, Julia Scher, Carolee Schneemann, Carly Short, Fern Silva, Jeff Silva, Jack Smith, Deborah Stratman, Nato Thompson, Rob Todd, Hope Tucker, and Ana Vaz.

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