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Fibers BFA

The BFA Program offers courses in weaving, surface design, knitting, felt-making, basketry, hand papermaking, interlacing, dyeing, and fabric construction.

In seminars, advanced studios and interdisciplinary courses, students work with the rich possibilities afforded by understanding fibers in relation to other disciplines including sculpture, performance, installation, drawing, and architecture.

Emphasis is placed on making personally meaningful connections between traditional approaches to fiber and contemporary developments in art, artisanry, and design.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop skill and an understanding of the importance of craftsmanship
  • Understand a wide range of approaches and methodologies to problem solving
  • Develop good working habits & self discipline
  • Develop cross disciplinary awareness
  • Develop an understanding of conceptual, symbolic and metaphoric issues
  • Develop an awareness of historical, contemporary, cross-cultural issues and artists working in their field
  • Encourage their personal vision and imaginations to become a tangible reality
  • Develop a working knowledge of design principles
  • Develop a sense of being an artist using life and studio experience to support their ideas
  • Cooperative classroom experience
  • Foster collaboration among peers
  • Establish relationships/ work with community
  • Safety: tools, equipment, materials, processes
  • To assume the responsibility of the development of their own professional career in whatever direction it may take
  • Participate in critical dialogue with peers in their field
  • Develop professional and vocational resources
  • Sustainability

Unique to MassArt

In Fall 2014, MassArt students participated in the recreation of a Robert Rohm installation at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, MA.

Courses  Requirements