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Executive Committee

Deirdre Nectow, Chair
Patricia Rivers, Vice Chair
Michelle Ingari, Vice  Chair
Charles  Jobson, Treasurer
Marjorie O’Malley ExOfficio

Investment Committee

Wesley Karger, Chair
Charles Jobson
Henry Biner
Molly Shannon
Deirdre Nectow
Richard Coffman
Marjorie O’Malley, Ex Officio
Robert Perry, Vice President, Administration and Finance, Ex  Officio
Dr. Mary Grant, President, Ex Officio

Auction Committee

Daren Bascome '93, MassArt Trustee Co-Chair
Elizabeth Lowrey H’19, Co-Chair

Andra Dekkers
Cheryl Franklin
Stacy Friedman '15
Jennifer Harrington
Kaylee Hennessey '19
Wanita Kennedy
Alison Judd ‘07
Ian Kennelly '94
Tali Kwatcher
Lauren Lambert
Robert Maloney '96
Savanna Nelson ‘19
Marjorie O'Malley
Christian Restrepo '15
Patricia Rivers
Karen Rotenberg
Mallory A. Ruymann
Katie Ryan
Emily Santangelo
Danielle Shaheen ‘08
Andrew Stearns '13
John Thompson M '05
Valentine Talland, Foundation Director
Lisa Tung, Executive Director, MassArt Art Museum
Elissa Warner, Honorary Foundation Director
Heather White
Meg White
Kevin Whitman '15

Fashion Committee

Tali Kwatcher
Michelle Ingari
Roberta Moore
Emma Pickard
Trevania Henderson
Ashley Karger
James Mason, Interim Provost
Trish Rivers
Molly Shannon

Engagement Committee

Michelle Ingari
Cindy Eid
Nina Fletcher
Alison  Judd
Roberta  Moore
Deirdre Nectow
Andra Dekkers
Beverley Johnson
Patricia Rivers
Valentine  Talland
Abigail Welty Ex Officio
Marjorie O’Malley Ex Officio