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On Campus Employment

On Campus Employment


Your F-1 student status permits you to work on campus at the institution that issued your I-20 while you are enrolled in a full course of study. Your MassArt I-20 is your proof of work eligibility for on-campus employment at MassArt only. You must maintain F-1 status to be eligible for this employment benefit; maintaining status means that you are a full-time registered student (except for approved exceptions) in good academic standing with a valid I-20.

definition of "on-campus" employment

  • Employment for Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Examples: teaching assistant, research assistant, library student worker, etc.
  • Work performed in a campus location for a commercial firm providing direct services to students. Example: Bookstore in Kennedy Building, Peet’s Coffee in Kennedy Building

time limits

You are allowed to work:

  • part-time (20 hours per week or less) during your regular full-time semesters (dates are set by the MassArt academic calendar and include final reviews week)
  • full-time (more than 20 hours per week) between semesters
  • full-time (more than 20 hours per week) during the summer

expiration of on-campus employment eligibility

Your on-campus employment eligibility ends:

  • When you graduate. It expires the last day of your final semester (per MassArt calendar), even if your I-20 expiration date is in the future
  • If you transfer to another university; your work authorization expires on the day of your SEVIS record release date
  • If you violate your F-1 status

work study

Work study awards are part of federal financial aid packages and are only available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. As an F-1 student, generally you are not eligible for a work study position and should not apply.

However, there are some cases where the term “work study” might be used in a more general sense and not necessarily refer to a financial aid award. You can contact the office that posted the job opening to confirm whether or not you must have a work study award to be eligible for the job.

finding an on-campus job

Please refer here for more information on how to find an on-campus job.

In addition, we strongly encourage international students to apply for Student Leadership Opportunities. Generally speaking, the application process begins in early January for positions to be filled starting during the next academic year. This means you will need to plan your application ahead of time. Check the webpage regularly for the most updated information.

Your responsibility: know the rules

It is your responsibility to research and understand your on-campus work eligibility. It is generally not the job of MassArt staff and faculty outside of the IEC to thoroughly know the immigration regulations. It is possible you will be offered employment that you are not eligible to accept or for your employment eligibility to expire without your payroll coordinator notifying you. Be sure to review all information provided by the IEC and consult the IEC if you have any concerns or questions.

frequently asked questions

Do I need a Social Security Number (SSN)?
Yes, you will need a Social Security Number in order to be paid. If you need to apply for an SSN, please follow the instructions here to obtain one.

Please be advised that individuals without a social security number (SSN) are not authorized to work in any capacity until an SSN is provided to the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources is located in the Tower Building, Room 806 and can also be contacted by emailing

If I am employed, will I pay any income tax?
Taxes in the U.S. vary greatly from student to student. Treaties between a student's home country and the U.S. government can affect income tax requirements. Since this topic is complex, MassArt IEC provides some helpful tools through the Colleges of the Fenway Global Education Office.