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Student Billing

MassArt's Bursar's Office is responsible for billing students and managing student accounts. Student semester bills are based on the student's residency status, the number of credits for which the student has pre-registered, College fees, and applicable residence hall charges.

Fall semester bills are available in July, and spring bills in November. The student bill lists the payment due date (generally 3 weeks after the bills are issued). Settling bills by the due date ensures enrollment in pre-registered classes and a smooth start to the semester.

Please Note: Failure to meet payment requirements by the deadline will result in withdrawal from any pre-registered classes. Students will not be allowed reinstatement until the bill is satisfied in full and upon payment of a $200 late registration fee.

Paying Your Bill

To view bills, students may log in to their student self service account. Students may contact the Business Office with specific inquiries about their charges. 

Students can settle their account by:

  • Online on the student self service site, payments via Credit, or e-check can be made instantly. View instructions on viewing and paying
  • Cashier's or personal check, or a money order payable to "Massachusetts College of Art and Design." Please include the student ID number on the bottom of the check, send check payable to "Massachusetts College of Art and Design" to: Attn: Business Office, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 USA (or in person, 8th Floor Tower)
  • Wire transfer - students and families living abroad often find wire transfer the most efficient way to pay their account balance. All charges for the cost of the wire transfer are borne by the sender - this includes fees by the originating bank and any intermediary banks. Please allow two weeks for processing and bank confirmation. The Wire Transfer Payment Notification (PDF) will help process a wire transfer through a bank to pay MassArt for Tuition and Fees. For more information regarding wire transfer instructions, students and families should contact the Business Office

Payment Plan Options

Undergraduate and Graduate Students
We will be offering a payment plan for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. We've switched companies, and unfortunately the details have not yet been finalized.However, we have been told that the site will not be made available until July 1, but we're working on having the date pushed up to sometime in mid to late June. Based on the timeline, the fall semester will consist of either a 4 or 5 month payment plan (depending on when the site is made available). The spring semester will be a 5 month payment plan. As soon as the details are finalized and the enrollment site is available, an email notification will be issued and the new payment plan site information will be updated here.

Fall Plan:

  • (5 month) June, July, August, September, October
  • (4 month) July, August, September, October

Spring Plan:  

  • (5 month) November, December, January, February, March

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students who have returned a signed copy of their Financial Assistance Letter to the Office of Student Financial Assistance will see the financial aid they have accepted as a pending credit on their student bill. If a student plans to use financial aid to settle the account and it does not appear on the bill, please contact MassArt's Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Some students receive scholarships or grants from organizations outside of MassArt (examples: Rotary Club, Boston Globe, City scholarships, etc.). A copy of the scholarship letter should be returned to our Office of Student Assistance. They will enter the scholarship into our computer system and it will become part of your Pending Aid. If you receive the scholarship after bills are mailed please follow the following steps:

  • If the scholarship award letter states that the outside scholarship will be paid directly to MassArt, the student need not pay that portion of the bill that the scholarship will cover
  • A copy of the scholarship award letter must be submitted with the bill as well as payment for any remaining balance

Understanding Your Account Statement

To help you understand your own bill, the Business Office has developed a helpful guide.

Payment Resources


To help students in need of books and supplies during the Add/Drop period before funds are released.

Your estimated financial aid package must exceed your financial obligation to MassArt for the current semester in order to qualify for the bookstore voucher. The voucher is an available line of credit that can only be used at the MassArt Art Supply & Bookstore to be used for textbooks and course related supplies.

Request a Bookstore Voucher


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