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Serged Effluence

Holly McCabe17, MFA, Low Residency MFA
Serged Effluence | 2016, Installation

Fleece fabric solids, overlock thread, aluminum armature wire, lark's head knots. 

Artist Statement

I see what tends to be left unseen. Insights. Perceptions. Sensations. This idea has followed me throughout my art-making, which rebounds from my previous representational portraiture. As an alternative to the externality of an outright mirror, the reflection in this work comes from within. I instill comfort, nostalgia, nature, and memory as I literally and figuratively peel, tear, sew, stretch, and shield various formal abstract elements. It is at times delicate. It is at times heavy. It is raw. It is tactile. It manifests as line-based compositions, sculptural relief, series-based installation, and objects in space. I flirt with texturally rich, visceral, strange, yet familiar surfaces, akin to muslin bed sheets, fur scraps, ephemeral draperies, or a favorite wool sweater. These things beg to be touched. Beg to be loved. But may also invoke a need to recoil and retreat. It is this strange yet balanced dichotomy that I find fascinating. Self-preservation. Self-destruction. And here I remain, hovering comfortably amid their respective orbits.