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Intramural Memory

Jennie J. Castle17, MFA, Photography
Intramural Memory | 2017, Photograph

Last summer Jennie and her family were working in her yard when my mother became disoriented. Her family spent the next four hours together at the hospital repeating the same conversation again and again. During that time she was unable to make new memories. Today she has no recollection of the experience, only false memories relayed to her by family.

This series explores the connection between loss and memory through the depiction of domestic space. Though photographs often serve as flawed transcripts of our lives, we cling to them as evidence of a life lived. With every move, every house, every yard, new memories are added to a constructed mental space called home.

In collaboration with Corinne Perreault, Jennie created a sound piece in reference to the conversation she had with her mother; the dialogue that served as the impetus for this work. The sound occurs intermittently through speakers mounted above the photographic installation, and echoes through the gallery.