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Meet the Team

Artward Bound's staff, teachers, and mentors are working artists and youth education experts with decades of experience in professional and teaching environments.

Administrative Staff

Chandra Méndez-Ortiz
Executive Director of Artward Bound and Youth Pathways • 617.879.7122

Chandra Méndez-Ortiz is an artist, educator, and program director with over 20 years of experience in arts education. She received her Bachelor's degree from Florida State University, a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Painting from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and a Master of Science in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Chandra currently works as an artist, educational consultant, program director for Artward Bound, and part of the leadership team for the Radical Imagination for Racial Justice Grant Program.  Recently, she served as the Vice-Chair for MassArt's Strategic Plan and was awarded the 2018 State Universities of Massachusetts Education Alumni Award for Excellence in Education and Service to the Commonwealth. 

Fun fact: Chandra is an avid gardener, cook, and landscape designer.

Miguel Landestoy
Summer Program Coordinator

Miguel Landestoy is a Jazz Musician and Arts Administrator currently working towards his Masters at New England Conservatory in Contemporary Improvisation. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, taking care of his dog scooter and a good book!

Fun fact: Miguel was a field conductor for a marching band in college even though he never really learned how to March!

Greg Linse
Digital Content Creator • 617.879.7183

Greg Linse graduated from MassArt in 2013 with a BFA in photography. He first joined Artward Bound as a one-off volunteer during his senior year but came on board in a more administrative capacity in 2018. He is passionate about using his video and photography skills to allow the Artward Bound story to reach more people in the community.

Fun fact: Greg is left-handed, but drums and bats right-handed.

Chris Sullivan
Artward Bound/Compass Liaison

Chris Sullivan is a Boston native, attending schools in Roxbury and Dorchester.

Nowadays, he creates paintings to engage viewers to become more conscious of seeing, sensing, relating, connecting. Chris has taught Drawing at Massart for 20 years and is a Faculty Mentor for Academic Compass.

Fun fact: Chris really loves the color blue. But then, yellow and red are pretty great too!

Teaching Staff

Yannie Baptiste
ELA Instructor

Yannie is originally from Long Island, New York. She moved to Boston because she received a full scholarship to High Meadows Graduate School of Teaching and Learning in collaboration with MIT. At this college, she is pursuing her M.Ed. Back in New York, she received her B.S in Applied Math & Statistics from Stony Brook University. A few things she really enjoy are reading, doing yoga, cooking, and trying new cuisines! She is of Haitian descent, and the last born of 5 kids. Her parents moved from Haiti to America to give her family the opportunity to live a life beyond their sweetest dreams. Her journey so far has been tough, but 100% worth it. 

Fun fact: Yannie flew to Yoro, Honduras to help build the school Emilio Puerta de Jimenez.

Leigh Anne Carr
ELA Instructor

This is Leigh Anne's third summer with Artward Bound, she is an English and special education teacher in Cambridge. She has been working in education since she graduated from UMass Boston in 2016. Leigh Anne has her Masters in Education from Northeastern University and thoroughly enjoys the creative opportunities afforded to her through Artward Bound! 

Fun fact: Leigh Anne has been to Tokyo, Japan and has two cats Sebastian & Lola!

Darren Cole
Producing Films for the Future Instructor 

Based in Boston, Darren Cole's practice explores technology and its ability to communicate meaning to people through moving-image work. Currently, Cole is an Assistant Professor in MassArt's Film/Video department. Multi-media re-imagined as a vehicle for change is why Cole creates meaning from culture through his use of old and new technology.

Fun fact: Darren and his best friend started their first production company in high school.

Katrina Jackson
Financial Literacy & Math Instructor

Katrina Jackson, known as Katrina by the AB community, is a long-time Boston Public Schools Mathematics teacher and a four year returning Math Academic Instructor at Artward Bound. She has experience teaching students with all different backgrounds and thrives off learning from new cultures and experiences. She continues to work with the Artward Bound community to infuse creativity and art into mathematics while playing games and having fun doing so. Katrina is married with four children and loves to model.

Fun fact: Katrina has participated in MassArt's Senior Fashion Shows in the past.

Liam Mahoney
Design Toolbox Instructor

Liam Mahoney started in Artward Bound as a student mentor and graduated Massart in 2019 with a BFA in illustration. He now works as a local designer, illustrator, and videographer. He has collaborated with local bands and playwrights while continuing to work on his studio practice. Liam is a featured artist of the Society Of Illustrators New York, 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, and Creative Quarterly. 

Fun fact: Liam often loses his glasses, among other things.

Suzzanna Matthews
Illustration & Senior Studio Instructor

Suzzanna Matthews is a poet, fiction writer, and ELA instructor. Before finding her career-calling as an educator, she worked in content development at and as a brand story consultant for companies like Hershey, NBCUniversal, and Paypal. She completed her Masters in Creative Writing in 2019 at Trinity College Dublin, where she is currently researching Native American storytelling, Celtic lore, and Digital Narratives–and working toward a PhD in Creative Writing and Multi-Modal Narratives.

Fun fact: Suzzanna hosts a jazz, R&B, and hip-hop Twitch stream.

Lewis Morris
College Essay Instructor

Lewis Morris is a nerd. He’s also a poet, MC, beatmaker, arts educator, and 3-time Uno world champion. Born & raised in Providence, RI, Lewis discovered his love for the arts at age 11. Since then, he has traveled around the country to share his work, taught at schools and universities spanning the Northeast, and has released four hip-hop albums (with a fifth on the way). His most recent, “Alive.”, was released in June 2018.

His work has led him to be featured in two TEDx Talks (TEDxBoston and TEDxVail), performing at The Apollo Theater, The Smithsonian, and the United Nations. When not creating or teaching, Lewis can be found at home playing Zelda while his dog Coco begs for more food.

Fun fact: Lewis was mute as a child until he turned 6.

Loretta Park
College Essay Instructor

Loretta Park is an artist and educator making and teaching in Boston. She is a graduate of MassArt and received her MFA in Sculpture in 2016. Since then, Loretta has been teaching in the Studio Foundation department and serving as Faculty Mentor for the Compass Program. 

Fun fact: Loretta is really good at guessing dog breeds. She is looking forward to adopting a dog someday and name it Donkey.

Sandrea Lovelock Williams 
Painting Instructor

Sandrea received a BFA in painting and art education in 2017. She is currently an instructor at Cambridge Rindge and Latin teaching painting and art history.  

Fun fact: Sandrea loves to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons, Harry Potter, Star Trek and Marvel Movies. 

mentor staff

Bedelyn Dabel

Bedelyn Dabel recently graduated from MassArt with a degree in Industrial Design. He has a passion for footwear design as well as illustration. Since joining the Artward Bound community in the summer of 2018, he has been helping students develop their artistic voices.

Fun fact: Bedelyn has an extreme fear of height and the idea of being on a Ferris Wheel scares him deeply.

Lissa Frómeta Paulino

Lissa Frómeta Paulino is an Afro-Latina and Artward Bound alumni who joined in 2015. She is now a Junior studying Sculpture at Massart and is excited to be part of the Artwork Bound family to help and support students just how they helped me while I was in high school.

Fun fact: Lissa is bilingual and loves making friendship bracelets.

Quan Nelson

Quan Nelson is an Artward Bound alumni and this is his second summer as a mentor. He joined Artward Bound in 2014 and is currently studying Fine Arts at Bunker Hill Community College. This program showed Quan that the only limitation to his success is his fears and that if he wants to achieve his goals, to look forward with no doubts.

Fun fact: Quan makes music in his spare time to listen to while creating art.

Elliot Papp

Elliot Papp is a senior at MassArt, studying Jewelry and Small Metals along with other 3D art forms. Elliot grew up in Randolph, Vermont, and decided to go to college to study art after attending the Governor's Institute of Vermont on the Arts the summer after his junior year of high school. He joined Artward Bound because he loves working and creating with people, and wants to support high school students in finding and reaching their goals. 

Fun fact: Elliot worked at the New England Aquarium for six months and at a wild bird rehab center every summer for seven years.

Alice Rufo

Alice Rufo is a junior at MassArt pursuing a BFA in Illustration and a Masters in Art Teaching. She has a background in dance as well as visual art and is currently dancing with Colleges of the Fenway Dance Project while also managing student galleries on MassArt campus. Alice became a mentor at Artward Bound in the summer after her first year at MassArt. In the last year, she has continued to work at Artward Bound as part of the Academic team at AB Zone.

Fun fact: Alice was once the snitch in an intense game of muggle quidditch.