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Thesis Case Studies Abstracts | MFA Thesis Show April 20-May 2

Thesis Case Studies Abstracts

In her thesis work, Tuyen explores how dynamic media can influence the experience of eating, preparing, and sharing food. Tuyen's work blurs the boundaries between art, design, research and social science.

We sit down to a table in a psychological as well as a geographical state. We either eat alone (excluded or separated from others) or together. However, we can also “feel” alone even when eating in a large group. We can “feel” together even when dining solo.

Fall Walk

Fall Walk

Fall Walk, is a collaborative video project, initiated in 2015 right after Homa moved to the United States as a student. The limitations such as long geographical and time distance, terminating her relationships and reshaping her communication experiences led her to improvise new ways of reconnection with her home, friends, and family.

Still from Songs from the North

Still from Professor and alumna Soon-Mi Yoo's Songs from the North, which the New York Times described as "mostly nonnarrative, drawing on North Korean film and TV clips to sketch a sensibility that — however stoked by propaganda — prizes family above all and melds that with a zealous commitment to the fatherland. Song and music invoke shared ideals of sacrifice, honor and patriotism; one televised event that features a young boy crying as he sings of his love of country — as an audience of dignitaries also sobs — is moving and disturbing."

Rupture (TRAiNSposition)

Rupture (TRAiNSposition)

RUPTURE is a video-sound piece exploring multiple instances of time and space perception experienced during a subway ride where rider and train are fused into a hybrid, neural pathway. A conflated, collective nervous system fires sensory signals and intermittent synaptic spasms. There is awareness of moving from something that is material to something that is not. Reality is both accelerated and elaborated as it shifts between the 'everywhere-all-at-once' and the 'right-here-now'.

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