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Henry David Thoreau's Concord, Mass., circa July 4, 1845

A detailed and illustrated bird's-eye-view map of Thoreau's Concord, as of July 4, 1845, the day Thoreau moved into his Walden house. Illustrated in the style of a 19th-century "Bird's Eye" map. The chimney on the cabin is not drawn into the picture because Thoreau did not add the chimney until the fall after he had taken up residence. Included with the poster is a detailed historical fact sheet calling out some of the details.

The Genie and the Globe Lamp

From Biana Bova's Senior Thesis, "Witch Baby." 
Thesis Piece No. 3

"He blinked three times, shuffled over to the window, drew back a black curtain and reached to touch the globe lamp. Suddenly it changed. Where there had been painted sea, Witch Baby saw real water rippling. Where there had been painted continents, there were now forests, deserts, and tiny, flickering cities. Witch Baby thought she heard a whisper of tears and moans, of gunshots and music."


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