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How to Apply: Undergraduate Students

Other types of applicants may need to follow different application requirements. Please choose from the list below to clarify the application process.

If you have not had any formal education beyond high school, you are considered a first-time college student, even if you have been out of high school for several years. 

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A transfer applicant is anyone who has earned college credit after receiving a high school diploma or GED. Typically, these students were pursuing degrees from four-year liberal arts colleges, universities, two-year community colleges or other colleges of art or design. 

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MassArt participates in two transfer programs open to students from Massachusetts through which students begin at a community college before transferring to MassArt. To learn more about each program and their benefits as well as application instructions, please follow the links below:


Commonwealth Commitment

A student who has already earned an undergraduate degree from another institution and wishes to earn a BFA degree at MassArt is considered a transfer student and must complete the transfer admissions process.

Review transfer application requirements

A student who has already completed a BFA from MassArt may not return to the college to earn a second BFA degree. These students may, however, apply to MassArt's Graduate, Post-Bac, and Certificate Programs. Refer to individual programs for further guidelines.

Review Graduate Application Requirements

Any applicant who is not a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States is considered an international applicant. Students must fulfill special requirements.

Review International Applicant Requirements

If you previously attended MassArt's BFA program, withdrew before completing your degree, and would like to return, learn more about the process for re-admission candidates.

MassArt‘s certificate programs are for working adults seeking rigorous programs which combine theory and practice. Students who seek expertise in a particular area but do not want to pursue a full degree may choose to enroll in one of four certificate programs. Certificate courses are taught by MassArt faculty and provide students with the solid professional skills required to enter the workforce as a practicing designer.

Programs are offered in the areas of Communication Design, Fashion Design, Furniture Design, and Industrial Design.

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Visiting Students & EXCHANGE PROGRAMS

Students enrolled in an undergraduate program at another college who want to enroll in a one- or two- semester program of study at Massachusetts College of Art and Design may apply for visiting student status, which is limited to one year. Students enrolled in an undergraduate program in a member college of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) should refer to the information on the AICAD Exchange program below.

All other students need to complete the undergraduate transfer application requirements for consideration. The required essay should specifically address your reasons for applying as a visiting student. Students invited for visiting student enrollment are responsible for negotiating transfer credit for their MassArt experience with their home institution and are not eligible for financial aid from MassArt.

If you are enrolled in an undergraduate program at a member college of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), you may be able to apply to study at MassArt for one semester through the AICAD Exchange program. Please visit the AICAD Exchange Coordinator at your home institution for more information.

MassArt has 14 international exchange partners. Please visit Incoming Exchange Applicants for the most up-to-date information on how to apply. We only accept applicants from institutions listed, and you must have the permission from your home institution's exchange coordinator to apply.

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