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Accepted International Students

All international students need to maintain proper visa status while attending MassArt. Most international students need an I-20 Form in order to apply for and obtain an F-1 student visa* to study at MassArt in F-1 status. 

Incoming MassArt Exchange Students, please visit Incoming Exchange Applicants for more information.

I-20 Form

Once all of the required documents (see below), we will issue your I-20, send it to you and you will apply for your F-1 visa in your home country at the nearest US consulate or embassy.

*Please note, you will need to keep a copy of your decision and scholarship letters (if any) for your visa appointment.

What do I need to do in order to have my I-20 issued and sent to me?

All required material will be accessible and need to be submitted through your status portal if you're having trouble accessing any material please contact

  1. Pay your deposit. Instructions on paying your deposit are included in your Guide to Enrollment. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have questions
  2. Submit a copy of your passport
  3. Submit a copy of any current US visa stamps inside your passport
  4. Submit the completed I-20 Information Request Form
  5. Submit Declaration of Finance Form
  6. Submit Verification of Finance (Bank Statement): All funds must be backed up by a Verification of Finances (VOF). A VOF is an official letter from the student's/sponsor's bank or a bank statement reflecting that the student/sponsor has access to funds that will cover the cost of tuition, fees, and living for one year. You should use the Estimated Expenses of your program as a guide for how much funding you need to show.
  7. If you have dependents (spouse or children) traveling with you please submit the following documents:
    • Submit a copy of each of your dependent's passport
    • If applicable, submit a copy of any current US visa stamps inside each dependent's passport
    • Submit Verification of Finance to show the following funding is available:
One Academic Year
For one dependent $11,080
For two dependents $19,570
For each additional dependent, add this figure to the estimate above for two dependents. $5,800

Currently attending or have attended another U.S. institution within the past 5 months, or are currently on Optional Practical Training? You must submit all of the following documents and the SEVIS transfer process must be completed before you are allowed to begin studying at MassArt.

  • Submit 1-6 above
  • Complete and submit the first part of the MassArt F-1 Transfer-In Form. Give the second part of form to your current institution to complete and submit
  • Submit a copy of your (and your dependents if applicable) current I-20 document
  • Submit copies of all of your (and your dependents if applicable) previous I-20 documents
  • Submit a copy of your (and your dependents if applicable) I-94: check "yes," click on submit and then complete information to view I-94 info
  • Submit a copy of Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Card (only if you are currently on OPT)

Please Note: We will not be able to issue your I-20 until you have sent all of the necessary documents. It is your responsibility to send us the required documentation in a timely manner to avoid any delays in visa processing. We work in order of the date you submit all of the required documents (earliest date first) to issue and send your I-20. All I-20s are sent via UPS 2-3 business day track-able mail to the address you indicated on your I-20 Information Request Form. You will receive an email with the tracking number when the I-20 it is sent to you.

If you are an international student planning to study at MassArt in an immigration status that is not F-1, you will be required to submit proof of your current immigration status as follows:

  • Submit a copy of your passport
  • Submit a copy of any current US visa stamps inside your passport
  • If applicable, submit a copy of any other documents showing your current US immigrations status (for example EAD card, Approval of a change of status notice, I-94 copy)

Please note: some immigration statuses do not permit study in the United States. It is your responsibility to ensure you are able to study legally in the US under your current immigration status.

Checklist of requirements for i-20 to be issued

Please submit the following no later than the deposit deadline for your application round (December 1st, April 15th, May 1st) to ensure timely processing:

 Pay Deposit
 I-20 Request Form Completed
 Passport copy Submitted
 Verification of Finance
 Declaration of Finance
 Copy of Current US VISA Stamp(s) only if applicable

If attending (or if you have attended within the past 5 months) another US institution or are currently in the US on Optional Practical Training, you must submit all of the above and also: 

 F-1 Transfer-In Form
 Copy of EAD Card (OPT only)
 Copies of all previous I-20 submitted
 Copy of current I-20