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MassArt is a place where you can grow into the artist, designer, or educator that you've dared to imagine.

Undergraduate Education

MassArt’s undergraduate curriculum offers students a strong foundation in traditional methods, as well as the tools to push boundaries and develop their voice through contemporary practice.

September 2nd

"If there is one thing I have learned during my time here at MassArt is that I am in control of my future."

Jed by Daniel Berube

"MassArt is a place where you can find friends and teachers that inspire you to create art that you never thought you could, and support the goals you wish to accomplish"

AAW by Fabi Faddoul

"At MassArt not only I've been able to learn how to sew, I've learn how to create, how to design, what are my abilities, my weaknesses, my strengths and what I enjoy..."


"There's a creative electricity in the faculty and students here that drew me in as an artist and a person."

Graduate Education

MassArt’s graduate programs offer artists and designers the opportunity to master their craft and advance their careers through highly specialized course work, individual attention with world-class faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities such as studio and exhibition space.

"What I really love about MassArt and DMI is the freedom and resources they provide you with, to pursue what you really love doing." 

"My studies at MassArt offered me a great opportunity to deepen my theoretical understanding of the moving image and to enhance my technical experience of this vast medium."

705 Grant

"At MassArt I found supportive faculty and fellow students who were welcoming and inspiring and who valued my own experiences."

Learning from the Best

Faculty, Practitioners, Mentors

MassArt faculty and instructors are working artists, designers, and educators who apply their real world experience and their expertise to the classroom to help students hone their skills and develop their artistic practice.

Meet MassArt Professors & Instructors 

Visiting Artists & Lectures

International artists visit MassArt to lecture, critique, and exhibit their artwork in the Bakalar & Paine Galleries. The cultural education provided by these artists supplement the diverse academic and artistic offerings at the College.

Full Calendar

Make Art a Part of Your Life

MassArt’s Professional and Continuing Education program offers more than 100 classes and workshops in a variety of art and design disciplines each semester to students of all ages.

  • Design Certificates

    The certificate programs allow students to advance their skills in a specific design discipline without pursuing a full degree. The course work can be completed in two or three years of part-time study.

  • Classes for Adults

    Take a class at MassArt. Adults may register for semester-long courses, short workshops, or enroll in PCE classes to earn credit toward a certificate or degree program.

  • Youth

    MassArt offers a robust schedule of programs for youth in grades 3-12 who are interested in extracurricular arts activities or preparing their portfolios for college applications.