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Our students, faculty, and alumni are out in the world doing great things every day.

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MassArt faculty member Marc Holland stands in front of two photographs hung on the wall.

Marc Holland and the transformative power of a MassArt education.

Marc Holland '99 BFA Sculpture & Department Chair, Studio Foundation

The Painter Who Photographed Rome

Jack Wilson ‘24 BFA Painting

Awed by all he saw in Rome during his semester abroad, Jack Wilson (’24 BFA) captured the marvels of the Eternal City on camera.

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The Colosseum. Photo: Jack Wilson

Creative Collaboration in Laos

Jennifer Varekamp Chair, Fashion Design

Yes, they met new people, tasted the food, and took in the landscape. But students who traveled to Laos with Fashion Chair Jennifer Varekamp also worked hand-in-hand with local artisans to support their creative entrepreneurial efforts.

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Jenn Varekamp

Creative Crossroads: MassArt’s Design Journey from London to Leeds

Scott Bakal Professor, Illustration

Through interdisciplinary collaboration and cultural exchange, MassArt students traveled from London to Leeds to visit studios of leading designers, illustrators, animators, and art museums.

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A student group photo in London, England

When in Athens, Make Jewelry

Heather White Professor, Jewelry and Metalsmithing

Jewelry and Metalsmithing Professor Heather White takes students to Greece both to see private collections and work in a jewelry factory.

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The Acropolis
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