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University-wide Learning Goals

Student in studio

The MassArt community aspires to prepare our graduates to:

  • Generate a personal focus and contribute an independent voice to the world
  • Work effectively within the tenets of art, design, and scholarship
  • Seek opportunities and be ready to work as professionals in architecture; art education; art history; design; fine arts; and related fields
  • Skillfully use a variety of materials, processes, tools, media, and strategies to serve their intent, learning more as needed
  • Communicate clearly, creatively, and critically across a range of form and contexts
  • Connect ideas effectively within and across media and disciplines
  • Refer to the fullest range of historical and contemporary art and design sources from across cultures and time
  • Engage in ongoing cycles of critical and creative thinking, investigation, making, reviewing, and revising to realize ideas and works
  • Evaluate, question, and challenge conformist thinking and create new paradigms
  • Apply a wide range of research methods and technologies in gathering and analyzing information(e.g., texts, objects, images, events, behaviors) for art, design, and scholarship
  • Engage effectively in individual and/or collaborative approaches to work
  • Interact proactively and constructively with diverse local, national, and global communities
  • Seek and incorporate sustainable practices for professional work
  • Advocate for architects, art educators, art historians, artists and designers as important contributors to society

Each department has also prepared learning goals for their majors. These departmental goals link to some or all of the university-wide learning goals. They derive from the learning happening in departments' course offerings.