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Tool Library

Tool Library header

The following tools are located in the Godine Library on the 12th floor of Tower. You can check them out for a week or use them in the library.

Tools currently include:

  • Bookbinding tool kit including awl and punching tool, 2 bone folders, 1 set of 5 binder's needles
  • Carpenter square/L ruler
  • Clay sculpting tool kit including 4 wood handled tools, 2 flat curved shaping tools (1 wood, 1 metal), 1 metal pointed tool, 1 sponge
  • Cutting mat (16 x 10 inch)
  • Drafting tool kit including square 45-degree angle ruler, 60-degree angle ruler, 12 inch (linear) ruler, 4 inch protractor, 1 set of pencil leads, lead sharpener and compass drawing tool
  • Fabric sheers and metal ruler (12 inch)
  • Knitting tool kit including 2 pair of knitting needles, knitting spool, stitch gauge ruler
  • Level
  • Paintbrushes, sets for acrylic/watercolor and for oil paints
  • Printmaking tool kit including 2 brayers (2 inch and 4 inch), block printing cutters (set), and 2 cutter handles
  • Scissors and x-acto knife
  • Sewing kit
  • T-Square (18 inch)
  • T-square (48 inch adjustable drywall T-square)
  • Tape measure (25 foot retractable)
  • Tool kit including screwdriver with 11 bits, claw hammer, adjustable wrench, combination pliers