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Student Leadership Employment Opportunities

Photo by Kenny Truong '20 BFA Graphic Design. 

Leadership experience complements the academic curriculum at MassArt and empowers students to become more confident, engaged artists, designers and citizens. Students have the opportunity to apply for various paid positions to be held following their foundation year.  

how to apply

Summer 2023 and Academic Year 2023-2024 positions

  1. Review the job descriptions listed below. We recommend looking through them all as there are some great positions you may not be familiar with that may interest you!
  2. Submit your interest in the position on Handshake. You will find it listed as "Student Leadership Employment 2023-2024"
  3. Complete the Student Leadership Employment Application below

Complete Student Leadership Employment Application

can i apply for more than one position?

Yes! And we encourage you to do so!  Students are welcome to apply for more than one position and may do so using the application below. We will ask you to rank the positions you are applying for in preference order. You should only rank positions that you plan on applying for.  You will be considered for each position of interest based upon your skill set, ability to meet departmental needs and availability.  

can i hold more than one position?

In some instances, you may be offered more than one position (as long as the total hours do not exceed 20 hours/week).  You can apply for multiple positions, but some of them may not be able to be held at the same time.  In that situation, we will refer to your ranking order.  For example, if your first choice position would like to hire you, that is the position you will be offered; if your first choice position is unable to hire you and your second choice position would like to, then you will be offered your second choice position.

GROUP and individual INTERVIEWS

If you are applying for the Resident Advisor, Orientation Primer, MAC Executive Board, and/or Admissions Ambassador positions, you will need to attend Group Interview Day on Saturday, February 4. After group interview day, you will be contacted about whether or not you will be moving forward to the individual interview stage.

All other positions will automatically have an individual interview with the hiring manager(s) for that position.  You will receive instructions about signing up for interviews in late January. Interviews will take place between February 6 - 24, 2023.

Leadership Positions

Below are the different positions being hired through the Student Leadership Process. To view the job description for a position, just click on it!