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Student Leadership Opportunities

Photo by Kenny Truong '20 BFA Graphic Design. 

Leadership experience complements the academic curriculum at MassArt and empowers students to become more confident, engaged artists. Students have the opportunity to apply for various paid positions for their Sophomore through Senior years.

Student Leadership Positions


Below are the different positions that are hired through the Student Leadership Process. For most positions, if you apply you will interview for the position automatically. You will receive an email with instructions to sign up for interviews in January. 

Due to the high application numbers for the following positions, you will need to attend the Group Interview Day on 2/2 and then will receive a notification about whether or not you will be offered an individual interview: RA, Primer, Tour Guide, Tour Guide Coordinator, Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator, MAC Board, Student Galleries Manager, Campus Center Manager.

You will receive an email letting you know whether or not you have an individual interview with the aforementioned positions after the Group Interview Day.


Important Notes about the Student Leadership Process

1. You can (and should) apply for more than one position!
The student leadership process is set up to let you apply for more than one position you are interested in. We ask you to rank the positions in your preference order on the application, so we will be aware what is your first choice.  

However, if your first choice isn't able to offer you a position, you could still be offered one of the other positions you applied for. Some positions get a LOT of applicants so even strong candidates aren't always able to be offered a spot – we hate to see strong applicants end up without a position because they only applied for one!

2. Read through the job descriptions online to get a good understanding of what opportunities are available to you!   
We have 23 different positions in the student leadership process. Some are well known by students and others you may never have heard of. There are some really cool opportunities included in this process and we urge you to read through the different job descriptions (you just click on the name of the position on the website) to see what each job is about before you apply. You may find out about a position you didn't know we had and that is right up your alley!

Note: To access the application you must be logged into your MassArt email account

Apply for a Student Leadership Position