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Our Vision for the Future

MassArt at 150: Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) has been growing, learning, and leading for 150 years. Strategic planning has given us an opportunity to look deeply and critically at where MassArt is at this moment in time, ask whether we like what we see, identify what we need to change, and set our path for the future.

Through this process, we have sought to clearly articulate what we aim to achieve and why it matters for the growth, health, and wellbeing of our community as we approach our 150th anniversary in 2023. 

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design is a public, independent institution that prepares artists, designers, and educators from diverse backgrounds to shape communities, economies, and cultures for the common good.


  • We pursue a just, compassionate, and equitable learning environment
  • We cultivate rigorous creative practices by observing, questioning, making and remaking
  • We honor courage, honesty, mutual respect, and self-expression
  • We believe in the power of art and design to transform our world