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MassArt Foundation

The Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation Board is a committed body of supporters who volunteer their time to advance the mission of MassArt. In concert with the Vice President for Advancement, they identify and support fundraising priorities that help the College and its community flourish. 

Foundation members are dedicated to expanding philanthropic support for the College and are leaders in establishing scholarships, supporting faculty initiatives, and providing program support wherever needed. The Foundation recognizes the transformative power of an art and design education and seeks to expand access to the arts to students and community members alike with an eye towards justice and equity.


The MassArt Foundation is a charitable corporation exempt from taxation under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code that raises funds for programs at MassArt and oversees its endowment. The MassArt Foundation's Federal Tax ID number is 04-2742359.

Gifts made to the Foundation are recognized as charitable donations. To learn more, contact Marjorie O'Malley, Executive Director, MassArt Foundation and VP for Advancement, MassArt at or 617.879.7045.

MassArt Foundation MEMBERS

Henry Biner
Katie Block
Richard Coffman
Andra Dekkers
Nina Fletcher '91
Mary Grant, President                                        
Michelle Ingari                    
Kristine Irving ‘91               
Charles Jobson                
Alison Judd ‘07
Ashley Karger
Wanita Kennedy                                    
Fred Liang
Elizabeth Lowrey ‘H 19
Ted MacLean
James Mason, Associate Provost & Dean of Faculty
Brenda Molife, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs
Roberta Moore
Deirdre Nectow, Chair                     
Marjorie O'Malley, Executive Director, Clerk
Emma Pickard                     
Patricia Rivers
Jan Saragoni, Trustee Representative                   
Valentine Talland                                         
Chiara Trabucchi
Elissa Warner

Honorary Directors

Caroline Collings
Robert S. Gatof
Nicholas Greville
Jennifer Harrington
Katherine Sloan
Michael Tarnow
Elissa Warner

Chair  Emeriti

Trevania Henderson                    
William Hicks
Tali Kwatcher
Susan Schechter
Clare Villari