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Incoming Exchange Applicants

Beads in Ghana

Incoming Exchange Students

If you are an incoming, semester-long exchange student or applicant planning to studying at MassArt for one semester, please see below for instructions or contact with questions.

Accepted Exchange Students

Welcome to the MassArt community! Please see your acceptance letter for the most up-to-date information on housing, insurance and your visa. You will need to complete the next phase on Studio Abroad and you can find more instructions there too. Please contact with any questions. We'll see you at Orientation!

Exchange Applicants

Exchange students are an important part of the MassArt community and we welcome applications from all of our exchange partners. Below is some general information but please visit the Exchange Coordinator on your home campus for the latest information and application.


  • Fall semester (September-December): April 1st                   
  • Spring Semester (January-May): October 1st

Departments and Courses

Please visit the All Programs website for information on the departments to which you can apply. By clicking on "BFA" then "Requirements" you can view the courses students take each semester. Typically, accepted exchange students are placed into the sophomore or junior level of the department to which they are accepted depending on the student's portfolio and interests. Students take between 12-15 credits each semester. 6 credits are usually devoted to majors courses. 6-9 credits are made up of electives which can include studio courses, liberal arts courses and art history courses. Not all courses are open to exchange students and we can not guarantee placement in any specific class.


Please visit Studio Abroad and create a login to begin your application. In addition to some academic and biographical information, you will be asked to submit a portfolio, a statement of purpose and a copy of an official transcript.  Be sure to check with the Exchange Coordinator at your home institution before applying. You will not be able to complete an application without their consent.  

Please note, all exchange students are required to purchase MassArt health insurance that costs between $1,500-$2,200 per semester. Exchange students will not be able to begin classes without adequate health insurance. Please factor this cost into your plans.