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Hire MassArt Talent

Thank you for your interest in recruiting & hiring MassArt talent! We manage a centralized database for job and internship listings, and requests for on-campus recruiting.

Post your Opportunity

Career Development Database

Submit your opportunity to our Career Development database - all opportunities are posted here and this is how to reach both students and alumni. The Database is a free service for posting paid job opportunities and qualifying academic internships.

Once submitted, your posting will be reviewed before it is activated to ensure information is complete and it meets our posting policies.

Please note that we cannot accept volunteer opportunities, contests & competitions, bartered jobs, commission-only jobs, low/no/deferred compensation jobs.

Internship postings that do not clearly meet MassArt's academic guidelines will not be approved. Any listings that do not meet the goals of this site are subject to removal without notice.

MassArt Portfolios

You can browse work created by MassArt students, alumni, faculty and staff on which is powered by Behance.

On-Campus Recruiting

  • Please start by posting your job or internship listing
  • After you post your job, please contact Maryellen Schroeder, Director of Career Services at or 617.879.7776 to schedule a time and date for your visit to MassArt
  • Please know the Career Services Office can schedule the candidates you have selected, but we cannot screen resumes or portfolios for you
  • We encourage advance notice of 1-3 months from employers requesting on campus portfolio reviews /interviews so we may promote your opportunity to our students and/or alumni

Recruiting for Internships

MassArt Career Development partners with employers to create and develop academic internship experiences that help prepare students for their creative careers. All internships listed via Career Development must meet MassArt’s criteria for academic credit. Please read through our Academic Internship Requirements below for help on how to structure your internships so that they are eligible for academic credit through MassArt. Internships must meet this framework in order to be posted on our database and for employers to recruit on campus or at events such as the Annual Job & Internship fair. See our internship program page for more information and to list an internship.

Annual Internship & Job Fair

Each spring we hold our annual job & internship fair at MassArt with approximately 30-40 creative employers and 300-400 students in attendance. The Fair is for employers recruiting for entry-level jobs and internships. Employer participation is by invitation only- we build our invitation list from employers who have had jobs & internships approved on our database in the past. Please note that we give priority to employers recruiting for jobs and paid internships as well as employers recruiting across multiple majors. If you wish to be considered, start by posting a job or internship.

Writing an Effective Job Description

The best way to recruit is to start with a strong job description. Candidates decide whether to apply to a position based on the information in the job description. If the job description is unclear or vague it will not attract many applicants. Here are some things to think about and include when posting an opportunity for an artist or designer.

  • Job Title: The title should be descriptive and reflect the nature of the role. Avoid being too general. For example, since MassArt has several creative disciplines, use "Industrial Designer" instead of "Designer"
  • Company Description: Give a brief summary about your company including services, clients and location. Company information allows candidates reading the job description to understand context and avoids additional steps of researching online
  • Duties: Describe the tasks and duties of the position in detail and please be specific. For example, “design packaging for consumable products” is more helpful than “graphic design." Information about potential projects, the media or software that would be used, the people the candidate would work with, and the role the position would play in the department or organization are all potentially helpful to attract applicants
  • Skills & Competencies: Describe the qualifications, competencies and years of experience needed that are essential. This may include software and technical skills. It helps to be flexible and open, a long list or very specific qualifications may reduce the number of candidates
  • Application instructions: Candidates will be applying directly to you. Please state if you wish contact to be via email and what materials you would like resume, cover letter and samples of work or portfolio are common. If including an online application address make sure that the link works

What should I pay?

  • You may list compensation for your opportunity as To Be Determined (TBD) or Negotiable (Neg). Positions with at least a ballpark figure for compensation attract the most attention. Please note, we do not accept listings for barter, deferred compensation or commission only
  • Our job listings are open to both our students and alumni
  • Students and alumni self-select the positions they will pursue
  • If you need some guidance for pricing a freelance job, please select “pricing a job” for guidance

Pricing a Job

  • Please post your Freelance opportunity with us first. Access your job listing account or register for a new account
  • Offer as many details as possible about what you want: dimensions, color, materials, and intended use for the finished piece, timeframe for completion
  • When you submit your listing, it will be delivered to our “pending” bin, it will not be activated until we approve it
  • Please contact Maryellen Schroeder, Director of Career Services at or 617.879.7776

Freelance Examples

Career Development posts a variety of freelance opportunities. Here are just two examples and the type of information we gather to help you identify an appropriate budget. We do not separate listings for students and alumni, a flexible budget will attract the widest pool of candidates for you.

  • Children's book illustration: What age group will read the book? How many illustrations do you want? What is the story/theme of the book? Are you looking for a certain style: fantasy, whimsical, abstract, realistic etc.? What colors do you want? Illustrations for cover and interior pages? How many pages? Black and white or color? Full, half, quarter or spot illustrations? Will you self publish the book? What is the deadline for completion?
  • Wedding Photography: What is the date of your wedding? Location? Time? Do you want photographs before, during and after the wedding ceremony? Indoors or outdoors? Formal or candid shots, or both? Black and white or color?
  • You should expect to pay for the artist's time, material costs, equipment rental, travel expenses and post production work if required
  • We recommend that payment be scheduled in thirds: one-third at the beginning of the project, one third in the middle and one third as a final payment. Check with your selected artist/designer about their pricing and payment structure
  • Please note: Students are not allowed to use MassArt equipment or materials to complete freelance assignments

Choosing an Artist

  • You will want to be sure that an artist’s style is compatible with what you have in mind. Request to see a portfolio or at least samples of work in the application instruction field
  • Please visit to see images of work created by our current students and alumni
  • When you interview your selected artists, offer as many details as possible about what you want (dimensions, color, materials, and intended use for the finished piece, timeframe for completion)
  • Ask about the process for creating the piece and at what stage you can offer input. Creating original pieces of art or design require a clear understanding between the artist and the client throughout the process

Freelance Work: Get it In Writing!

  • Be sure to work out a written agreement with your selected artist/designer so there are no misunderstandings or surprises. Your selected artist/designer can contact Career Development for more information
  • Your written agreement should detail the project: description of the work, stages for completion (concept, sketches, final piece), expected number of revisions, materials to be provided, copyright and reproduction agreements, price and payment schedule
  • Please be sure to clarify how the artist/designer should bill you for the time spent on the project and when they can expect payment
  • Please note, we cannot list freelance opportunities for bartered services or to "develop a portfolio"