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Graduate Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition: Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

The per credit tuition and fees for graduate programs is $824; 50% tuition, 50% fees.

Fine Arts Programs
AvG. Cost 1st Year*
Anticipated Total Program Tuition & Fees*

MFA: 2D/3D, Film/Video, Photography

$824 30 $24,720 60 $49,440
MFA: Design - Dynamic Media Institute (2-year)  $824 30 $24,720 60 $49,440
MFA: Design - Dynamic Media Institute (3-year)  $824 18 $14,832 60 $49,440
MFA: Fine Arts Low-Residency $824 29 $23,896 60 $49,440
Postbaccalaureate Programs
Per Credit Tuition & Fees
AvG. Credits 1st Year
AvG. Cost 1st Year*
Total Credits
Anticipated Total Program Tuition & Fees*
Photography, Design - Dynamic Media Institute $824 24 $19,776 24 $19,776
Design Programs
Per Credit Tuition & Fees
AvG. Credits 1st Year
AvG. Cost 1st Year*
Total Credits
Anticipated Total Program Tuition & Fees*
Master of Architecture Track 1 $824 42 $34,608 102 $81,600
Master of Architecture Track 2 $824 45 $37,080 60 $49,440
Master of Design Innovation $824 31 $25,544 60 $49,440
Art Education Programs
Per Credit Tuition & Fees
AvG. Credits 1st Year
AvG. Cost 1st Year*
Total Credits
Anticipated Total Program Tuition & Fees*
BFA/MA $824 30 $24,720 30 $24,720
BFA/MAT $824 30 $24,720 30 $24,720
Master of Education $824 21 $17,304 30 $24,720
Master of Arts in Teaching/Art Education $824 18 $14,832 36 $28,800
Teacher Preparation Program $590 12 $7,080 24 $14,160


    Graduate tuition and fees

    Graduate course charges accrue on a per-credit basis. The tuition and fees per credit vary with program academic level with a difference between Master’s degrees and the Teacher Preparation Program (TPP), but do not vary based on the student's residency status. The anticipated total program tuition and fees is an estimate based on FY 2022 per-credit tuition and fees rates applied to total program credits. 

    MassArt’s fiscal year runs from the start of the summer term through the end of the spring term.

    *Additional fees charged for specific programs, courses and for late Thesis completion are not included in the listed per-credit fee and anticipated total program tuition and fees.

    Tuition Waivers
    Please note that Continuing Education, Certificate, and Graduate courses and programs are not state supported. If you believe you are eligible for a tuition waiver, please submit documentation of the applicable tuition waiver such as a completed and signed tuition waiver form to the PCE or Graduate Program office for review. 

    additional fees

    • Photography Student Ink Fee - $600 charged in the fall and spring terms to students who are enrolled in the MFA Photography and Post-Baccalaureate Photography programs ($1200 in an academic year)
    • Art Education Student Teaching Supervision Fee - $750 charged to students each term they are enrolled in a Student Teaching Practicum course. This applies to the art education programs that require this course: BFA/MA, BFA/MAT, MAT, and TPP
    • M.Arch Thesis Continuation Fee - $500 charged to M.Arch students working to complete the Thesis in a term after enrollment in the final thesis course

    Health Insurance

    Every student enrolled in nine credits or more MUST either enroll in MassArt's health insurance plan or submit an insurance waiver. When starting a program in the summer term, students are charged for each month they are enrolled in summer classes. Students are charged in the fall for the full academic year. The MassArt insurance cost for academic year 2020-2021 is $3,400.

    Art Supplies and Books

    Art Supplies and Books are estimated to cost $2,000 for students enrolled for two terms, and $3,000 for students enrolled over three terms.

    Off-campus Living Expenses

    The Office of Student Financial Assistance estimates a moderate 9-month budget for Boston at $19,500 and $27,300 for 12 months.

    Campus Housing

    Graduate Summer Housing 2021. 2022 rates have not yet been finalized.

    Graduate Summer Housing is currently $400 per week.

    • MFA Low-Residency Summer Housing (7 weeks):  $2,800 
    • Master of Architecture Summer Housing (10-11 weeks):  $4,000-$4,400
    • Master of Education (8 weeks): $3,200
    • Master of Arts (BFA/MA 4+1) (9 weeks): $3,600
    • Master of Arts in Teaching (BFA/MAT 4+1) (9 weeks): $3,600

    Summer term on-campus housing and the cost and payment for it are managed by the Graduate Programs Office,

    Academic Year Housing (Fall & Spring terms)

    MassArt's Artists' Residence offers a few shared apartments to graduate students. The estimated cost is $14,950 per year, or $7,475 per semester.

    Fall and spring term on-campus housing is managed by MassArt's Office of Housing and Residence Life. On-campus housing is not guaranteed for Graduate Students. To be considered for on-campus housing, students must submit the Housing Deposit and Housing Application by the deadline. Graduate students receiving on-campus housing in their first academic year are also not guaranteed a second year. Most graduate students live off-campus during the fall and spring terms, but we are happy to accommodate you based on space availability.

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