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Fall 2020

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MassArt ReStore


The MassArt ReStore is a community staple; our mission is sustainability. The ReStore provides gently used goods (art supplies, clothing, etc.) to students so they may give these items new life in their own way. The student body of MassArt benefits from this sustainable store because it provides students with supplies, while simultaneously giving back to the environment.

Mission Statement

The ReStore is a sustainable, donation based, volunteer run store. Our mission is to provide the MassArt community with free supplies so they can be successful in their artistic practices, while continuing our goals of sustainability and reuse. The ReStore is dedicated to giving back and providing help to those in need.


Meeting Schedule

This semester the ReStore is planning a virtual collage making night, instagram contests, online raffles/proposals, other virtual meet-ups where we make or talk about sustainability/sustainable art, possibly a yard sale, and just being the ReStore (taking orders from students)! Follow us at @massartrestore on IG to stay up to date!

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