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Find an Internship

Companies hiring recent graduates look for those who took the initiative to complete internships while a student. You are responsible for finding and applying for your internships. Applying for internships will also give you the experience of applying for professional opportunities in a field you are interested in exploring.

Career Development is a resource for you throughout your internship experience. We can assist you with internship listings, resources, the application process and the registration process to receive academic credit.

Prepare Application Materials


  • Login to your Handshake account and search internship opportunities
  • Make an appointment for help with your search
  • Sign up for email alerts to get notified when new internships are posted
  • Utilize faculty, family and friends to help you identify internship leads


  • Apply to 5 or more different internships
  • Be sure to follow application instructions precisely
  • ALWAYS include a cover letter (an email of interest) introducing yourself, what you are applying for, and why you are interested in that that specific opportunity
  • Write an effective cover letter for each application (Cover Letter Guide & Templates)
  • If applying by email, your cover letter will be the email and you will attach your resume as a .pdf file. If applying online, you may upload a .pdf or paste your cover letter in a form field. It is recommended you always draft your cover letter in a Word document first so you can spell-check, refine, and save your letter without accidentally hitting “send” early
  • Remember: Application times vary & many employers hire months in advance. Apply early to be in the running for your preferred internships. You may miss out if you wait to the last minute

Follow Up

  • ALWAYS follow up by email or phone 1-2 weeks after you apply (download sample of what to say in a follow-up email/call)
  • Employers pay attention to applicants who take the initiative to follow up